It has been known for months that Sony’s strategy with PlayStation 5 involves the manufacture of fewer units during the first year of the console’s life than were produced PlayStation 4 in the same period.

The foregoing was learned from a Bloomberg report in which it referred to the fact that the decision was supported by the high production costs.

But now it is known, thanks to a new report also from Bloomberg, that the production of units will be even less than the one originally planned.

From the new information, it appears that Sony was forced to trim in four million units that would be produced, which leaves it in a total of 11 million and no longer from 15.

The reason is the problems in the production of the new chip personalized that the console will show off.

Despite the fact that the company placed orders with suppliers since July in anticipation of a high demand, I did not have in mind to receive this hit of reality.

Given the impossibility of manufacturing the projected number of units, analyst Masahiro Wakasugi said that at this time Sony has to deal with the prices of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S revealed by Microsoft a few days ago, which in its opinion constitute a aggressive strategy which must be approached with care by the Japanese company.

In fact, the pre-orders of both versions of Xbox They will begin on September 22, putting further pressure on Sony, which has not yet reported how much the fifth iteration of its video game platform will cost.

This Wednesday, September 16 will be crucial for the company, as a digital event called PlayStation 5 Showcase in which it is expected that the prices of the two versions of the console, as well as the exact release date.