Pure history in Argentine polo: Poroto Cambiaso makes his Triple Crown debut at the age of 14, a record for precocity

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At the Tortugas Open, together with his father Adolfo in La Dolfina, he will become the youngest player to play a game of the most important season of this sport.

A historic day for Argentine polo and for the Cambiaso family will take place this Monday on the premises of the Argentine Association (AAP), in Pilar. Beans, son of Adolfo, captain of La Dolfina, will debut at the Tortugas Open and will become the youngest player to play a Triple Crown match, the most important of this sport worldwide.

At just 14 years old, he will replace the injured Juan Martin Nero in the Cañuelas formation, who will face La Ensenada-La Aguada from 11 am for the second date of the tournament.

Beans, a nickname everyone knows him by to distinguish him from his father, with whom he shares the name, will break the record set last year by his cousin Camilo Castagnola, when at the age of 16 he also played his first game at Tortugas and wearing the La Dolfina shirt.

In addition, he will improve the brand of his father for three years, who debuted with 17 in the 1992 Argentine Open with Ellerstina, in a duel in which he scored 16 goals (maximum of a player in Palermo at that time) for the victory by 23 to 7 before The Indians.

Cambiaso Sr.’s plan was to share the team with his son in the Triple Crown only in 2021, but the injury to Nero, operated just over two weeks ago for a double fracture in the left wrist and clavicle and could only return to Palermo, accelerated the plans.

The first thing the La Dolfina leader did was ask the AAP to raise the valuation of Beans from 4 to 6 goals, to meet the minimum handicap requirement to play the three most important competitions on the national calendar. The organization chaired by Eduardo Novillo Astrada granted the request, in a decision that raised controversy, and the heir to the Cañuelas dynasty was enabled to play.

Adolfo, likewise, warned at that time that his presence in the team was not safe, because they were still evaluating possible replacements for Nero. But finally he made up his mind and confirmed it for Tortugas. “My teammates asked me that, as it’s the team’s last year, they thought it was fun to play with him, which I liked,” said the La Dolfina leader in a talk with La Nación.

Although this Monday’s game will be the first of Beans In one of the most important tournaments in the world, the teenager – who in the last year, in addition to continuing to improve technically, hit a physical stretch – knows what it is to play and win important events.

At the end of July, he had the pleasure of lifting the Gold Cup of the British open, the most prestigious polo event outside of Argentina. As part of Next Generation, the Cambiaso beat Les Lions 14-12 in the final at the Cowdray Park Park Polo Club and they made history.

The father, because cwon the title for the eighth time and he became the polo player in our country that achieved it the most times. The son, because in his debut in the high handicap of England, he broke the record of his father (who had won it for the first time at 16 years old) as the youngest to shout champion in that contest.

The young Cambiaso, who in addition to his natural talent, is praised by many for the maturity and calm with which he usually faces games, something atypical for someone of his age, has been surprising for a couple of seasons with his precociousness and making his way in the world of polo.

In 2018, with only 12 years old he was crowned champion of the cup Royal Windsor, the oldest trophy in the Guards Polo Club, that of the British royal family, and also became the youngest polo player to win that title.

And last year he won his first title in an important competition in Argentina, playing with his father and wearing the shirt of his family’s club, La Dolfina. It was by winning the San Jorge Open, on court 1 in Palermo, which gave the victory a nicer taste. And on top of the classic rival, Ellerstina, who took to the field with Gonzalo, Nicholas Y Facundo Pieres, three rivals of the highest level.

This Monday, accompanied by dad Adolfo, the Uruguayan David Stirling Y Pablo McDonough, three powers of the world pole, Beans He will make his absolute debut in the Triple Crown and mark another milestone in his early career.

With the entry of the young Cambiaso, La Dolfina will drop from 40 to 36 goals in handicap, three less than Ellerstina, defending champion in Tortugas. Like, by history, those of Cañuelas will be one of the great candidates to lift the trophy of the contest, that it is played behind closed doors in Pilar, in a season very hit by the coronavirus pandemic.


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