“Purchase 3-pack DADDY-G® Cotton Rompers for Newborns.”

Looking for comfortable and stylish rompers, sleepsuits, jumpsuits or night suits for your new-born baby boy or girl? Check out DADDY – G® 100% Cotton Pack of 3!

Set of 3 Rompers for Your Cute Little Baby

As a parent, you always want the best for your little one. From their food to their clothes, everything should be perfect. And when it comes to dressing up your baby, rompers are the go-to choice for many parents out there.

At DADDY-G, we understand that comfort and convenience are essential while choosing clothes for babies. That’s why we have come up with our set of three rompers that provide quick dressing with zero hassle.

Snaps Down Front For Easy Dressing and Diapering

Our rompers feature snaps down front design which makes diaper changes and dressing easy without having to pull over baby’s head or legs. This design also ensures maximum comfort as it doesn’t put any pressure on the delicate neck area.

Dazzling Colours & Designs Available As Per Availability

We know how much you love seeing your little one in cute outfits! Our set of three rompers is available in dazzling colours & designs that will make them look even more adorable than they already are!

Please note: The designs and prints may differ as per cloth availability but rest assured; all our products maintain premium quality standards.

Premium Quality New Born Baby Multi-color Long Sleeve Cotton Sleep Suit Romper For Boys And Girls

Our romper sets consist of 100% cotton fabric ensuring softness against sensitive skin while providing breathability throughout wear-time keeping babies comfortable all day long!

Before purchasing please refer to size chart provided (as sizes may vary based on different brands) so you can choose an appropriate fit according to age group

Additionally- Machine washable care instructions ensure effortless cleaning after every use making life easier during busy parenting days!

In conclusion,

DADDY-G has designed these sets keeping both style & functionality in mind because we believe every parent deserves ease when it comes down taking care of their newborns.

So if you’re looking forward towards buying a premium-quality product at an affordable price range then do consider checking out our Set Of 3 Romper Sets today!

Price: ₹1,499 - ₹642.00
(as of Mar 14,2023 16:23:31 UTC – Details)

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