Pubs closed and night curfew: Britain imposes new restrictions to curb coronavirus

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Despite pressure from conservatives who prioritize the economy, Parliament approved the measures decided by the government.

When the deaths from the coronavirus in Great Britain have reached 143 in one day and the second wave has forced the division of the country into three different statuses, the House of Commons supported the “lockdown measures with a head blow” ”Local, decided by the government, without opposition. The Executive managed to impose by 299 votes to 82 a curfew at 10 at night for pubs, bars and restaurants in the kingdom.

But that does not mean that the conservative party agrees with the policy of the government of these severe lockdowns, especially in Liverpool and the north of the country, given the damage they do to the economy and freedoms.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson advances from rebellion to rebellion by his own peers, which he tries to quell in each session, before the dilemma of defending health against the tough Torys of the economy and the market.

This shows why 44 Conservative MPs voted in session against curfew in bars, restaurants and pubs in Britain. Among them Sir Graham Brady, the influential chairman of the 1922 Committee, as well as former ministers Esther McVey and John Reedwood. They were joined by former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, a denier, along with 23 other MPs from his party.

The British government imposed three Tier: 1, 2 and 3, dividing the kingdom in the middle, high and very high. In the first, restaurants, pubs and bars are closed at 10 pm and meetings of more than six people are not allowed.

In the Tiers 2 high, meetings in homes are prohibited, two families can meet in a private garden but the rule of six people only and social distance works.

Restaurants and pubs are open but with a curfew at 10 at night. This affects a wide area of ​​northern England (Manchester, Cheshire, Bolton, Bury, Stockport, Tameside, Wigan, Warrington, Newcasltle, Durham, Birmingham, Leicester).

In the third space there is no possibility of meeting inside or outside the housesincluding gardens. Pubs and bars remain closed. They recommend not traveling outside the area and the casinos, gaming centers, gyms will be closed.

With 17,234 cases in Great Britain and 3,905 hospitalized patients, Great Britain will enter at midnight in some of these three statuses according to its number of infected.

The Liverpool area will be the first to enter Tier 3 with targeted restrictions. It will have its pubs and closed, unless they can operate as restaurants, and people will not be able to socialize with other houses inside or outside of them or in private gardens. Indoor gyms, dance studios, sports facilities, recreation centers, betting offices, gaming centers and casinos will be closed.

Sir Keir Starmer, the new Labor leader, made the gamble of his life Tuesday night, turning his party into lockdown. He called to adopt “at least for two or three weeks an absolute lockdown throughout the kingdom, that “break the circuit of the virus.” He accused the government of “losing control” of the pandemic.

He urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to act now “before the country walks into a long and depressing winter.”

He demanded a series of “clear and effective restrictions”, which can coincide with medium-term vacations in schools to “minimize the disruptions” that it can cause.

Sir Keir admitted that a short lockdown is going to require “significant sacrifices across the country” and will mean that lpeople in Britain will only be able to take essential trips and work from home if you can. He called on people not to mix with one another in his home, apart from those who live in his bubble, and the closure of bars, pubs and restaurants. But he ruled out closing schools on his list.

“There is no more time to give the prime minister the benefit of the doubt,” said Sir Starmer, a lawyer and former solicitor, who replaced Jeremy Corbyn in the Labor party. If there are elections tomorrow, he wins them, according to the polls.

“The government’s plan just doesn’t work. Another path is necessary, ”declared Sir Keir. For him, a short confinement “provides an opportunity to reset and rectify some of the mistakes that the government has made” while he urged the ministers to continue with the tests and deliver the tracking of the infected to the local authorities.


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