Public TV tutorial on how to be sexy in the supermarket sparks outrage in Italy

Walking in heels in a sensual way through the aisles of the supermarket, arouse the interest of men when shopping or picking up a package from the floor in a seductive way. These are the tips that the evening program of the Italian public television ‘Detto fatto’ have unleashed the indignation of public opinion and a good part of the parliamentary arch.

In addition to the questionable content of the program, on the grid on the public network Rai2, the inopportune broadcast stands out, just one day before the day for the elimination of violence against women.

“With the help of the cart I walk with a stiff knee and I walk the corridors, which become my stage“, or” to make the situation a little more intriguing I can lift my knee a little bit “are some of the phrases that could be heard during the broadcast from the mouth of the dancer of ‘pole dance’ Emily Angelillo.

However, the situation did not end there. “And what if the product fell to the ground just as he (the man they wanted to seduce) passed by?” Asks the presenter, Bianca Guaccero. To which the dancer replies that the solution is to “kneel with her legs closed so that the situation becomes vulgar”, without forgetting to do it “raising your butt a bit”.

All this took place in the context in which the dancer, a guest of the program, was trying to teach another young woman how to walk in stilettos and even dance with them.

Criticisms from various sectors

Criticism and reproaches from various sectors have not been long in coming. The Undersecretary of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in charge of information and publishing, Andrea Martella, was one of the first to react. Following the broadcast, he wrote to the president and CEO of the Rai to ask for explanations about the content of the program.

“Maybe a tutorial would be needed not on how to make the purchase, but on how to do public service without trampling on the value and history of the Rai,” he pointed out, according to an editorial. The Republic. And then he continued on Twitter: “It is a broadcast depressing and humiliating for the dignity of women “.

Critics have also come from the political formations. “I do not know if the intention was ironic, but what has been broadcast offers an image of the woman stereotypical and unworthy of public service. The issue, already serious in itself, is even more serious due to the fact that it occurs in the wake of the day for the elimination of violence against women, “said Cecilia D’Elia, a politician of the Democratic Party.

Social networks have also been filled with hundreds of negative comments who accuse the program of condemning women to an old and harmful stereotype in which it must seduce men, as well as trivialize the battles for female empowerment and offend victims of gender violence.

The Rai will investigate what happened

For his part, the director of Rai2, Ludovico di Meo, has assured: “We will inquire about what happened and the responsibilities”. Meanwhile, this Wednesday’s broadcast has been suspended and replaced by a movie.

“‘Detto fatto’ is a broadcast that has the only aspiration, if possible, to entertain. In yesterday’s program a very serious mistake was made, unintentional, for which, in the first place, I apologize to the television viewers and the viewers, “said Di Meo. “Although it was not the intention to include negative female stereotypes – which everyone agrees to criticize and condemn – the ironic charge has been overrated in a broadcast that has been clearly offensive“, has affirmed.

And he added: “We will make an effort to investigate what happened and the responsibilities and to ensure that this will not happen again in the future: It would be contrary to the spirit of the program and the civil values ​​of the presenter, the authors and Rai2 “.



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