We are in the month of terror and although we cannot celebrate as in previous years, at least video games and movies could be our best allies.

Under that logic, it arrives Face, a title that is inspired by P.T. and that will soon be available at PlayStation 4, Xbox One Y PC October 30. In reality, this terrifying video game had been available for a longer time, but only for computers.

SadSquare Studio has been working on it since October 2018 in an early access version in Steam, a format that it is now abandoning after having grown over these two years both in quality and content, since it has added new narrative chapters over time.

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What is Visage, the PT-inspired game about?

If you are a horror lover, you probably remember P.T., a video game that promised to be one of the best in the genre of all time.

It was a playable demo of Silent Hills, a project that would have been led by Hideo Kojima Y Guillermo del Toro and starring Norman Reedus, and that would be part of the horror franchise Silent Hill. However, this work never succeeded.

Unfortunately, the title was canceled, as a result of the departure of Which of Konami, the company that owns Silent Hill and of Metal Gear.

Obviously, this change of plans left fans who had the opportunity to enjoy the demo, but never saw the final version of the game, much disappointment.

However, Face It is inspired by that title and its creators define it as a psychological horror game in the first person. During this adventure, we will explore a constantly changing house with a slow pace of play.

From what you can see both in the images and in the new trailer that has been published SadSquare, the supernatural and creepy atmosphere is a very important part of Face, whose scenarios are also recreated in a photorealistic style, although without leaving aside the fantasy of terror.

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During the game, players can interact with the objects while linking them all together to search and find clues with which to advance in the story.

But be careful, some enemies will stand in your way and they will not be the only ones who can kill you, since in the dark you can go crazy; the sensible thing to do is to regain your sanity in the light.

After years in early access, the game will arrive this October 30: not only PC, but also to PS4 Y Xbox One.

Players who already had the version early access they will receive this final version as a free update.