With more than 155 million units displaced around the globe, PlayStation 2 It is the best-selling console in all of history.

It is an amount with which it seems that at this point users of PlayStation 2 they know all about their successful console.

But there are times when not even the most enthusiastic users of a brand know the different versions that left a certain platform and that is why this time we will talk to you about PSX.

Let’s start by clarifying that the term PSX is used to refer to the original PlayStation, and although it is a generally accepted notion, the truth is that Sony did launch a platform with that name.

It is a digital video recorder that has an integrated PlayStation 2 console.

Sony’s idea was to offer a most comprehensive entertainment product that it will not limit itself to satisfying a single type of consumer.


‘Video device for general consumer purposes’ was the concept under which the company designed the PSX, and therefore it was not marketed under the PlayStation category, but as part of Sony Corporation.

Being a video game console and digital video recorder, PSX it accepted PS1 and PS2 discs, as well as DVD Video (DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD + RW, DVD-RAM) and CD formats.

PSX went on sale in Japan in December 2003 and Sony assumed it had a successful product on its hands (after all, it is the kind of machine that in the first half of the two thousand was eye-catching even to parents).

But the High costs did what PSX sold few units and Sony canceled plans to launch it in other regions of the world. Was a business failure.

It is a story that actually reminds us of what happened to the Panasonic Q, the GameCube developed by Panasonic, and so you know what happened there just enter here.