PSV uses 28 players in eight matches: ‘This situation is not normal’

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With the Norwegian teenager Mathias Kjølø, another newcomer joined PSV on Sunday. Trainer Roger Schmidt already called on 28 players in eight league matches and hopes to finally be able to work on a permanent team after the international match.

‘You can’t expect perfection’

“I have not been able to train with the full selection once”, Schmidt commented on Sunday during the press conference after PSV-Willem II (3-0). “The transfer market closed at the beginning of October and shortly afterwards a large number of players became infected with the corona virus.”

There was only one PSV player who was in the base for all eight Eredivisie duels: goalkeeper Yvon Mvogo. Schmidt also had to do a lot of puzzling within his selection, mainly because of corona infections. PSV used more players than any other Eredivisie club. By way of comparison: in the last full season 2018/2019, PSV deployed two players less (26) over a whole year than now after eight games.

“This situation is not normal. These are special times for everyone because of the pandemic and that certainly also applies to our team,” said Schmidt.

The Young PSV players who took part have done well. They also deserved to play. It is also part of this club’s philosophy to develop young players. The best way to do that is with playing time in the first team. “

Mathias Kjølø (left) was already the 28th player to play for PSV in the Eredivisie this season. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Due to the many player changes, Schmidt has not really succeeded in getting PSV used to its playing style of ‘full throttle football’. The team played a strong first half hour against Willem II, but kept that high level and the early pressure was no longer maintained.

“Still, I thought our entire match was okay,” said Schmidt. “It was indeed not perfect, but you cannot expect that. Many players are not in perfect condition either.”

For example, Mario Götze had to play four matches in eleven days, because PSV hardly had other players available due to corona infections. The German made the 2-0 against Willem II.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect Mario to be able to play so many matches so quickly,” Schmidt said of the player who scored the winning goal in the 2014 World Cup final. Götze had a difficult season at Borussia Dortmund last year. , for which he did not get further than a number of raids after the winter break.

“Mario has gone from zero to a hundred. He has done well, but I think he can use the break during the international period well,” said the PSV trainer.



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