PSAK shots against EEC and ESAKE: “If you can not, resign” (PHOTO) | NBA

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Tough announcement by PSAK, with direct shots against the EEC and ESAKE, emphasizing that if they can not solve the problems of Greek basketball, then the only solution is to resign.

The announcement of the Panhellenic Association of Paid Basketball Players states:

“If you can not, RESIGN!

EEC and ESAKE do not just turn a blind eye to the problems of Greek basketball but put the knife even deeper with their attitude and decisions.

Which championship draw, gentlemen at ESAKE? Do you know how many teams there will be in the league? What about licenses and television?

By what logic, gentlemen in the Federation, did you decide to abolish children and adolescents? So now you are helping the development of the sport? Where is the insurance in the smaller categories?

You all know that 90% of athletes live on little money, which he does not know if he will get and also will not get for the rest of his life.

Problems for everyone to see. If you can not give the solutions, RESIGN! “.


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