PS5 comes with a controversial feature: why PlayStation records your audio conversations

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In multiplayer experiences on PS5, anything you say with headphones on your ears will be recorded. There is a noble purpose behind this reality, but not everyone will be delighted.

A few days ago, version 8.0 of the PlayStation 4 operating system went online. This includes a number of changes to how parents can control their children’s online conversations. But the same update came with an important warning to users.

Everyone who has updated their PlayStation 4 in the last week has received a notification that there is a possibility to record their conversations. The notification starts from a feature that will be available on PlayStation 5, but because PS5 players will be able to play various titles with PS4 owners, the latter are also indirectly affected.

To avoid a scandal, Sony detailed the new feature in a post on the official blog. This starts with the major disaster in the online environment in terms of player behavior. Many swear, threaten or are aggressive through voice commands in multiplayer games.

Until now, in their case, you didn’t have many options, unless someone recorded a gamemplay session that, by chance, also had voice commands issued by others. On PlayStation 5, users will be able to report a player who has been aggressively penalized by Sony. In order to give credibility to the complaint, they will be able to include an audio clip of up to 40 seconds cut from the last 5 minutes of gameplay. The function is not optional and you cannot deny or deactivate it in any way.

You should keep in mind that Sony has implemented this feature to reduce the number of people who are threatening or aggressive in the online environment. If the idea bothers you, all you can do is switch to Xbox or give up using headphones and a microphone in online games.


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