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The Proud Boys group, to which Donald Trump asked during the presidential debate on Tuesday to remain “prepared” for the US elections, it is a neo-fascist and supremacist organization created by Canadian journalist Gavin McInnes, founder of “Vice & rdquor ;, and that in recent years has stood out for attacks against indigenous people, people of color, Muslims and women.

McInnes was born in the UK in 1970 but grew up in Canada and in 1994 founded the revista “Vice” in Montreal along with Suroosh Alvi and Shane Smith. Seven years later, McInnes settled in New York where from being a politically incorrect provocateur who had founded a “punk & rdquor; Alternatively, he became an extremist who got the word “Destruction & rdquor; tattooed on his back.

Racist ideas

In 2003, in an interview in “The New York Times & rdquor;, McInnes uttered a phrase that would later become the foundation of Proud Boys. “I love being white and I think it’s something to be very proud of,” explained the Canadian writer.

A year earlier, in an interview with The New York Press, McInnes, then a symbol of the “hipster & rdquor; movement, had already revealed his racial preferences by declaring his satisfaction because the“ Vice & rdquor; in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) was in an area with a white population and not “Fucking black people or Puerto Ricans & rdquor;.

“In favor of love, diversity and tolerance? That’s hippies & rdquor ;, McInnes added dismissively as he insulted racial minorities, homosexuals and transgender.

Misogyny and sexist violence

his misogynistic thinking It was also soon portrayed when she reduced the phrase “No, it means not & rdquor ;, the basis of the concept of sexual consent and one of the slogans of the feminist movement, to“ puritanism & rdquor ;.

The racism, misogyny and hatred expressed by McInnes were beginning to be a problem for “Vice & rdquor ;, who after moving to the United States it had started editions first in the United Kingdom and later in other countries such as Canada or Australia.

The magazine, acquired by a Canadian billionaire, had to apologize time and again for the McInnes statements until in 2008, the writer left the publication citing creative differences.

Radical press

From then on, McInnes dedicated himself to writing and collaborating with different media in the extreme right American, among them “The Rebel Media & rdquor ;, a Canadian portal directed by one of the most radical and provocative journalists in Canada, Ezra Levant.

McInnes collaboration on “The Rebel Media” It allowed him to strengthen his ties to the conservative movement in western Canada, which was delighted to accept the provocative style of the writer.

But when McInnes began to systematically include anti-semitic expressions To its arsenal of attacks against minorities, the Conservative Party of Canada was forced in 2017 to cut its ties with the writer.

Nace Proud Boys

McInnes stopped collaborating with “The Rebel Media & rdquor; and with Fox News. A little earlier, in September 2016, she launched. revista supremacista “Taki’s Magazine” the Proud Boys movement, a kind of club in which women are not allowed and in which men “refuse to apologize for creating the modern world & rdquor ;.

Members in Proud Boys have three levels. The most basic is to declare yourself a Proud Boy, the second is to swear not to masturbate and be beaten while reciting the names of five cereals, and the third level is to wear atatuaje de Proud Boys.

Although this sounds like a joke, the FBI considers the Proud Boys “a extremist group with ties to white nationalism & rdquor; and has been designated by the anti-racist organization Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a “hate group”.

Interracial violence

In Canada, members of Proud Boy have been involved in incidents in demonstrations by indigenous groups and other minorities, and the armed forces of the country have had to acknowledge that the group has infiltrated its members.

But it is in the United States where the Proud Boys have exhibited their ability to cause serious trouble. In 2017, the organization was present at the far-right demonstration in Charlottesville, during which scenes of extreme violence and a young anti-fascist was killed.



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