Protesters painted the water of a Trump Square fountain in Israel blood red

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The water of the fountain in Trump Square on Petach-Tikva was painted blood red at night as a protest against the invasion of the West Bank, Israeli military radio reported on Monday.

We will pay in blood for the annexation

– protesters wrote on the stone-painted graffiti in the square to draw attention to the dangers of invading the territories of the West Bank promised to Israel under the peace plan of US President Donald Trump, scheduled for July 1, writes MTI.

Donald Trump was named a square a year ago out of Petach-Tikvan’s gratitude for supporting Israeli policy marked by Benjamin Netanyahu and for moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, which was recognized as the capital, from Tel Aviv.

“The annexation will result in a security and economic disaster, all because of politicians playing with fire at a time of economic crisis to the detriment of citizens,” one of the organizers of the protest told 12 commercial television website.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense Beni Ganz, the future head of government under the coalition agreement, told Berkowitz, an adviser to US President Donald Trump sent to Israel, that the July 1 named for annexation is not a “holy date.”

“Right now, the only sacred thing is to get people back to their jobs and deal with the coronavirus,” Ganz told the U.S. envoy. they expect a thorough and immediate settlement of the issue, “Jedi added, according to an Israeli newspaper, Ahronot.

According to a recent Israeli poll, 26 percent of Israelis surveyed support annexation, while 40 percent favor a “two peoples two states” solution, 22 percent prefer “unilateral secession,” a withdrawal similar to Gaza, and 13 percent the current would consider it appropriate to maintain this situation.

In another survey conducted in early June on the question of what the government’s most important task is, only 4 percent of all respondents said that annexation, while 69 percent, indicated mitigating the economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic.

In a speech to American evangelicals, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the Palestinian National Authority to begin negotiations on Donald Trump’s peace plan at dawn on Monday and said he and his government were ready for reconciliation.

The Palestinian leadership has repeatedly rejected the entire Trump plan on several occasions, calling it biased toward Israel, and severed all ties with the White House, as well as Israel in preparation for annexation.

Benjamin Netanyahu has stipulated in a coalition agreement with the Blue and White Party that he will extend Israeli rule to about 130 Israeli settlements built in the West Bank after 1967 and the Jordan Valley, which provides about a quarter of the West Bank’s territory, as of July 1.

Critics say this move would make it virtually impossible to establish a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel, although this is still widely seen in international diplomacy as the only possible solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.



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