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“Looking to increase my service visibility and attract new clients. Interested in learning more about how James can help promote my business.”

Introducing “James”: The Perfect Video Template for Business Growth

Are you struggling to make a lasting impression with your business, product, or service? Look no further than the After Effects template known as “James.”

The Basics of James

“James” is an ideal video presentation that saves time and can be customized to fit any niche. It features real actors, kinetic text, and a modern logo and tagline fade reveal.

This versatile template can be used by businesses looking to expand their customer base or increase sales. Whether it’s more exposure or more customers that you’re after – this template has got your back!

The Storyboard of James

The storyboard is simple yet effective; it starts with a scene-setting welcome before moving on to common woes experienced by many businesses. Next comes consultation which ultimately leads towards making life easier for its users.

You have the option of overlaying specific offers onto the already-existing framework alongside contact details and branding so that everything stays consistent throughout every aspect of marketing material produced from then onwards.

Main Features:

  • Real actors featured in footage
  • Kinetic text included

  • Edit phrases using After Effect’s swap elements feature

  • Tutorial Included (video & PDF)
    , guiding creators through customisation options if desired.

Licensed Stock Footage Included!

We know how frustrating searching for unlicensed stock footage placeholders can be – our templates come complete with licensed videos/audio seen in demo versions! No need hire studios ,actors,cameras etc we have done all hardwork plus added editable Kinetic Text & places where logos/ slogans/contact details go . So just tweak , render & voila ! Your customised video will soon follow !
Order now get yours within minutes !!

If growing your business seems like an impossible feat,  let ‘JAMES’ take care of things so you don’t have too much complexity thrown at once.” .

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