The coronavirus pandemic began last December in Wuhan, China.

Initially, the giant of the East concealed corona data, but as the epidemic began to spread, China took strict restrictive measures and quickly took over the disease through, among other things, curfews and test and Trace controls.

“China reacted really quickly already in February,” says the professor of Chinese society and culture Matti Nojonen From the University of Lapland.

Phone applications in China continue to monitor people’s health and movement, and when entering public spaces, the green health code provided by phone tracking applications must be presented, and if the code color changes to yellow or red, the person will be quarantined.

In China, there is virtually no longer a corona, while in Europe and the United States, corona infections have exploded into growth and many countries have had to step up crisis preparedness and tighten restrictions on movement.

Asymptomatic autumn

According to official data, no new domestic symptomatic coronary infection has been found in China since mid-August.

“It seems that this information can be believed, because there are hundreds of thousands of foreigners in China who are connected outside China, and if the Chinese distorted such information, then some cities would have to be locked, and no such information has come,” says Professor Nojonen.

According to him, China has been the most successful in fighting the corona among the countries of the world.

– The political system will allow China to avoid the need for a complex political reflection on human rights and other rights in the parliamentary system when restrictive measures are introduced, and Chinese leaders will not have to measure their popularity every four years.

The economy is growing

China is now in a situation where the economy is growing and people are able to travel quite freely, while in the West, infections are growing and people and companies are having to grapple with interest rate restrictions and the economic downturn.

According to Professor Nojonen, China’s official economic growth rate is now 4.9 percent, and China’s consumption behavior has also returned to normal.

–This (4.9%) is the official figure for China. However, it is not known exactly how much the economy will actually grow, but it can be said that the Chinese economy is on track, with relative and absolute growth in China stronger than in the West, which is experiencing negative growth, and by the spring of next year there may be hundreds of thousands of bankruptcies in Europe, Nojonen says.

For example, according to the Bank of Finland’s estimate, the economy in Finland is forecast to shrink by 4.7 per cent this year. In addition, the economy is expected to recover slowly from the koruna as the virus continues to spread around the world, thereby creating uncertainty.

Past the United States?

China is the world’s second largest economy after the United States. Is it conceivable that China will drive the world economy into the shadow of the corona?

-It is impossible to predict how will happen, but the trend is that China’s economic power will grow relative to the West, but it is not known how long China will remain on a debt-driven growth trajectory, certainly for at least a few years.

According to Professor Nojonen, much depends on whether China is able to control the coronavirus, or whether a new variant of the virus may develop.

-The big picture is that China is heading for recovery and the economy is growing by a few percent, while the West is moving towards a very uncertain future and economic downturn. It is not yet known whether the horizontal cup will turn significantly in favor of China, but it will not catch up with the United States.

According to the professor of Chinese society and culture, the question in the future is also how the West will begin to react to the ever-increasing China.

The Chinese reason

In the United States, especially the president Donald Trump has accused China of spreading the corona infection.

“It is a fact that the coronary crisis escalated into a global pandemic when the Chinese authorities overshadowed the statements of experts in Wuhan in January, but it is also a fact that societies behave in all pandemics throughout history by outsourcing the cause.”

China is known to be accurate for its international reputation, to which the corona epidemic has brought a dent.

-China is concerned about tarnishing its reputation and therefore have various health silk road projects where they donate face masks and various hygiene products. Of course, when it comes to a pandemic, the stakes are also high, Professor Nojonen concludes.