Prior to Avatar 2, the saga continues with a comic

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We still have to wait to see Avatar 2, but a Dark Horse comic arrives to quench the thirst of fans!

Good news for the fan on Avatar forced to wait until December 2022 to see Avatar 2: they will have one as palliative Dark Horse comic series which will be published starting from January 2021 (at least in English). Entitled Avatar: The Next Shadow, the comic book cycle will cover the events immediately following the events of the first feature film released in the now very distant 2009. It is the third time that Dark Horse has immersed itself in the world conceived by James Cameron, after Avatar: Brothers (2017) and Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path (2019).
The story of Avatar: The Next Shadow, with lyrics by Jeremy Barlow and pencils by Josh Hood, will follow Jake Sully who, as we are told, will have to find the skills to defuse internal conflicts within the clan of Omatikaya, on the verge of breaking.
Knowing that Avatar 2 will narrate about Jake and Neytiri that they have started a family with three children, thirteen years after the events narrated inAvatar original, it makes sense that this comic cycle covers the events that brought them there.


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