Luis Suarez he is closer to landing at Atlético de Madrid. After 24 chaotic hours after his controversial Italian test, the Uruguayan will be able to leave Barcelona after Josep María Bartomeu and the soccer player’s lawyers have reached an agreement.

The meeting between the two parties lasted several hours and, according to club sources at the string SER, ended up being fruitful. The culé team had blocked Suárez’s march to Atlético because they did not want to reinforce a direct rival, or not at least totally free.

In the end, both parties have given in a bit. Atlético will have to pay a low transfer, in addition to some affordable variables. In return, Barcelona has liquidated part of this season’s contract and Suárez himself has renounced the rest. In addition, Bartomeu had promised to pay part of your card in the first year.

When Atlético took an interest in him, the tables turned. It is not the same to sign for the Juventus, which is only a rival in the Champions League, that for a team with which they also dragged controversy over the signing of Antoine Griezmann. That is why they refused to let him get totally free.

Now it is Luis Suárez who must accept the conditions to confirm the operation, but of course the path has cleared much more compared to first thing in the day.