Prince Azim, the second son of the Sultan of Brunei, also known as Prince Playboy, was known for his extravagant parties with celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey. He has produced several films, including the film “You’re Not You” (2014) and The Happy Prince (2018).

Educated in London and a great lover of parties, he had an estimated fortune of 5 billion dollars, being a magnet for celebrities, he was photographed over the years with Joan Collins, Naomi Campbell, but also actresses Misha Barton and Scarlett Johansson, among the prince’s close friends. Azim also hosted parties attended by many gay community rights lawyers, including Caitlyn Jenner and Mariah Carey. Obviously a supporter of the LGBT community, but Azim never openly discussed his sexual orientation, writes Click.

The prince was buried on Saturday, the same day he died according to Islamic tradition, and Brunei decreed seven days of national mourning. Leaders of neighboring countries, including the President of Singapore and the Prime Minister of Malaysia, conveyed condolences.

According to local media, Prince Azim had been hospitalized for some time and died of cancer.