Prince Leka reveals child Geraldine

Prince Leka of Albania reveals his best treasure on Twitter: his two and a half month previous daughter.

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4th January 2020

The yr 2020 was a particular one for Prince Leka II, 38, and his spouse Princess Elia, 37: On October 23, their first youngster, Princess Geraldine, was born. Dad is enchanted by the offspring and so he dedicates his first tweet in 2021 to his daughter – and divulges the motto for the subsequent 12 months: “Extremely advisable for 2021, cuddling with child Geraldine.” He additionally posts a photograph of himself by which he holds the baby lovingly in his arms.

There may be de facto no monarchy in Albania, however …

In 1939 King Zog I, the grandfather of Prince Leka II, was pressured into exile. In 1944 the monarchy was abolished. Prince Leka I. by no means needed to simply accept this. All his life he fought for his place on the throne – in useless. In a 1997 referendum, the Albanian individuals spoke out towards reintroducing the monarchy. The Albanian royal household not has a particular standing and no official position, even when Prince Leka II is all the time invited to state ceremonies.

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