Netflix recently released the fourth series of ten episodes of the royal drama “The Crown”, but Prince Charles told his relatives that he did not watch it: “I have never seen the series.”

The latest season, which also details Princess Diana’s eating disorder and Charles’ affair with Camilla, was launched amid controversy over Harry and Meghan’s £ 112 million deal with Netflix, just days after the BBC began investigating rumors that Martin Bashir used false bank statements to persuade Lady Di to make a controversial interview in 1995, writes

A source close to Charles revealed about the series: “His Royal Highness has absolutely no opinion on this. He never watched The Crown. I don’t even think he knows what this new season is. ”One insider described The Crown as a“ drama and commercial entertainment. . . without taking into account the real people involved who have their lives hijacked and exploited ”. They said the series depicts Charles, played by Josh O’Connor, in a “very unpleasant light.” Daily Star.

“The public should not be fooled into believing that this is an accurate portrayal. It is a series with a Hollywood budget, “said the relative of the royal family. The source also revealed that Prince William considered the show to have presented his parents in a “false and simplistic way”. Writer Peter Morgan says he discussed portraits with senior members of the royal household. Buckingham Palace, however, denied involvement.