The corona pandemic is now shaking Sweden hard, with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven giving an exceptional speech On SVT.

In his speech, he appealed to the Swedes and made recommendations.

– Everyone needs to do more. It’s up to you and me, so listen to the recommendations. Only meet those you live with. If you live alone, meet only a few people. If you are an employer, give the employee the opportunity to work from home, Löfven said emphatically.

In an emotional speech, Löfven recalled how 6,000 people have already died of coronavirus in the country.

– Remember that in these deaths someone has been taken away by a dear parent. Dear child or beloved friend.

Löfven also reiterated how the curve describing the amount of infection has already been turned downwards.

-We did it in the spring. We took responsibility, we took responsibility from Sweden. We protected ourselves, our loved ones, and people we didn’t know. We did it together. That is our strength, Sweden’s strength. But now during the fall, many have been careless.

In Sweden, a total of 208,295 people have contracted coronary heart disease. The number has started to rise sharply since the summer. Last Thursday, the Folkhälsömyndigheten reported 6,243 new cases of infection.

Sweden is banning public gatherings of more than eight people from Tuesday next week. The same restriction is also recommended for all private occasions.

The change is a significant tightening on a previous gathering restriction that banned events for more than 50 people. The new rule is valid at least until Christmas Eve