Primary doctors on strike protest at the headquarters of Salut

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A group of doctors from public primary care has protested this Tuesday with whistles and posters at the headquarters of the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS) in Barcelona in el first day of strike of the four summoned this week by the Metges de Catalunya (MC) union, according to which this first day of mobilizations has been followed by 60% (19.7%, according to the ICS).

Dressed in their white coats, the striking doctors have displayed posters that read “Enough!”, “European wage equalization” and “Strike in primary care. For dignified care, we say enough. And you? “.

‘Armed’ with whistles, medics have cut traffic in the Gran Via at its confluence with Balmes street, with masks on and keeping a safety distance.

Javier O’Farrill, president of the Union’s ICS Primary Sector, explained this Tuesday, in statements to journalists during the protest, that, due to the pandemic and lack of human resources, diagnoses of pathologies in the population are being delayed.

Has deplored the “neglect” of ICS managers since the previous strike at the end of 2018 and has considered that “if they had done an adequate job, to retain talent, we would have more than 700 doctors” who have emigrated from Catalonia to other health systems, due to salaries and working conditions.

“The system expelled professionals and the population towards private (healthcare) “, has opined O’Farrill, who has assured that there is a lack of pediatricians, dentists and gynecologists, among other specialists, in Catalan primary care.

39,000 professionals

The Catalan Institute of Health is the largest public company of health services in Catalonia, with almost 39,000 professionals serving almost six million people of the entire territory.

Specifically, it manages 283 Primary Care Teams (EAP), where the doctors who have been called to support the strike called by Metges de Catalunya work.

It also participates in the Consorci d’Atenció Primària de Salut del Eixample (CAPSE), together with the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​which has three PCTs, and in the Consorci Castelldefels Agents de Salut (CASAP), together with the Castelldefels City Council, which he has one.



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