The Paris Correctional Court found this 76-year-old Italian prelate guilty of all of the offenses, and ordered him to cover 13,000 euros in non-pecuniary damage for four victims together with 9,000 euros in the courtroom costs.

This case, which out of cash out in February 2019 in the wording of multiple sexual scandals of which affected the Catholic Church, caused the Holy See to pick up the immunity of the apostolic nuncio, a first in the modern history of the Vatican.

An investigation was opened following a report from the Paris City Corridor: one of the victims denounced “hands in the buttocks” three times during a wish wedding ceremony for diplomats.

Four other guys went to court for similar actions from Luigi Ventura between Economy is shown 2018 and February 2019.

A man who was then a manager with City Hall reported sexual strike during the same wishing ceremony. An additional, a 20-year-old seminarian at the time, denounced several assaults during and after a career.

So did a good man attending a Franco-Italian party at a luxury lodge in Paris and a senior established during a preparatory G7 meeting. These did not want to file a problem and become a civil party.

The trial took place on November ten, in the absence of the accused, who had previously been not present for Wednesday’s selection either.

At this hearing, the prosecutor asked for ten months within prison with suspension, considering that this sexual assaults were established nevertheless it was necessary to consider an experience to conclude that the bishop’s discernment was initially affected by a “cognitive illness”.

It is an exceptional condemnation by a municipal court – and not by a single at the Vatican – for a Omg See diplomat.

Another former First-rate nuncio, Carlo Maria Vigano, that ended his career in California but was retired, was convicted within 2018 by an Italian the courtroom for family theft.

The conviction passed on Wednesday to Luigi Azar results in his registration in the automatic national court file for the perpetrators of sexual offenses (Fijais).