Previous top judges after Molde drama: – Totally incomprehensible

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(Molde-Ferencvaros 3–3) Two hand situations. One did not give punishment to Molde. The other punished Ferencvaros. Now the discussion is raging.

– For me, the judge totally misses, says former top judge Per Ivar Staberg to VG.

He believes that the result of the situations should have been the exact opposite of what was the outcome. Molde should have received a penalty kick, while Ferencvaros should not have received. What is “completely wrong”, according to Staberg, is the interaction between the judge and the VAR room.

Judge Carlos Del Cerro Grande chose to watch the Molde situation again, on video, while he did not do so in situation number two when the guests from Hungary were punished.

– It is incomprehensible that he does not do it in a situation that at best is much more dubious than the first, Staberg says.

Staberg is aware that the rule of hands “only leads to chaos”, and now he wants the rules to life.

– I prefer that it must be done on purpose in order to be able to sentence, he suggests.

– I have no idea at all, Molde coach Erling Moe answers questions from V4 reporter Jan Åge Fjørtoft about the rules of the game.

– There are so many rarities. When you ask the referees, they have been honest enough that they do not know it themselves, says the Molde coach.

At the position 2-2, the home team wanted hands after a Leke James shot went straight into the hand of a Ferencvaros player. The situation was checked on video by judge Carlos Del Cerro Grande, with unfortunate results seen with Molde glasses.

– According to today’s rules, it should have been hands, as long as he gets bigger, says Staberg, who thinks the judge hoped that he had seen right, and that he had too much pride to say “I was wrong”.

Then, at the position 3-2 to Molde, came a fairly similar situation. This time, Ola Brynhildsen was hit in the arm from close range. Result: Penalty kick and 3–3. The judge chose not to look at the situation again, even though he may have been in contact with the VAR room.


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