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Queen Elizabeth and Duchess Catherine are more than 50 years apart: What is much more important is what connects women. GALA presents the relationship.

There are little messages from London that Duchess Catherine, 38, Queen Elizabeth, 94, sends every now and then: Everything’s fine, I’ll do it, so the message of the photos that the British monarch of her country estate in Sandringham said in the news looks – and then leans back, relaxed. She knows that Kate represents the royal family in the capital, just under 200 kilometers away, while she extends her private break with Prince Philip, 99, a bit.

Queen Elizabeth can rely on Duchess Catherine

She can rely on the wife of her grandson Prince William, 38. This was also the case recently when she visited a bakery in London’s East End and later chatted with volunteers who supported her district during the Corona crisis. The British attributed symbolic character to this excursion, compared it to the walks taken by Queen Mum, who went to this devastated area after the Second World War to encourage people. And now Kate: a radiant young woman in a pretty red floral dress, the perfect ambassador for the Windsors. It is quite possible that Kate called the Queen immediately after the appointment and told her everything personally.BS: The style of Duchess Catherine: Fashion Looks 2020

Kate and the Queen sometimes talk on the phone several times a day

The two women make regular calls, sometimes several times a day. “Like friends, they then talk to each other for what feels like an eternity. This is very remarkable because the Queen often does not speak to her own children for weeks,” reports a confidante from the GALA palace. For William’s wife, however, she can always be reached. And, the insider continues, the Queen asks about Kate’s personal health. A sign of real affection. Sure, because in view of the scandals surrounding Prince Andrew, 60, or Prince Harry, 36, and his wife Meghan, 39, it is more important than ever that Kate works well.

MENTORIN The Queen supports Kate’s projects intensively. When the Duchess designed an adventure garden for the Chelsea Flower Show, Elizabeth II was one of the first visitors.

No calculation, just empathy

But there is no calculation behind this royal empathy. Rather, the Queen recognizes herself in Kate, who, as a young woman and mother, tries to do everything perfectly. Just like she herself 68 years ago when she ascended the throne after the surprising death of her father. At that time, she dutifully tried to hold the new office. And felt left alone. To share her experiences with Kate, to give her advice and to listen to her concerns is not only solidarity among women, but also a clear sign that the Queen is more emotional than her reserved demeanor suggests.

Kate was impressed by the Queen’s gesture

From the beginning she liked the young woman her grandson William had chosen as her future. Kate, too, fondly recalled the first meeting in May 2008 in an interview: “The Queen was friendly. We chatted a little and got along very well.” Kate was also fondly remembered her first Christmas at Sandringham Castle in 2011. “I didn’t know what to get the Queen and decided on a homemade chutney according to grandmother’s recipe. The next morning the glass was on the breakfast table,” said she in an interview and revealed how impressed she was with this gesture. BS British Royals: The Windsor Family on date 2020

The Queen shows her appreciation in an unusual way

Just last week, the regent showed her appreciation in an unusual way: In an official statement on the Instagram account @theroyalfamily, she thanked Kate for her photo exhibition “Hold Still” in London’s National Portrait Gallery. Some of the 100 pictures about the lockdown in Great Britain, according to the Queen, she chose herself. Her praise to Kate – an accolade, almost more significant than last year the award of the Victoria Order for Special Merit, after all the highest honor of the royal family. “The Queen admires Kate’s professionalism, dedication and hers
Ability to get the royal life going ”, said a palace employee about GALA.Royales Interior: Insights into the royal study

Harry and Meghan’s departure intensifies their contact

Given that Harry and Meghan emigrated to the United States with their son Archie, 1, they also appreciate the close contact with Kate’s three children. In August the whole family was staying with her in Balmoral, and the Queen had small presents placed in each room. Also for Kate, with whom she exchanged ideas on long walks. She is not afraid that the young friend will abuse her trust. Kate seems to be born for her role, so the confidante from the palace. Almost too perfect to be true. If it weren’t for this one flaw: Kate has a horse hair allergy. The fact that the horse-loving Queen even looks over it – that is the greatest proof of friendship.


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