“He is a man who does not control himself, who does not have a drop of empathy. He is also a man who needs to be in the center of attention “, she details.

“He sleeps very badly, he doesn’t do sports, he eats badly … There are many things in his life, psychologically and physically, that make him seriously affected”, she insists.

Mary Trump appreciates that the management of Trump’s covid-19 crisis, extremely criticized, has its roots in the education of the White House tenant.

“My grandfather instilled in his children the idea that when you are sick, you are weak,” she reveals.

“To be associated with the virus is, in Donald Trump’s head, to be associated with the idea of ​​weakness. This is the reason, in fact, because of which it behaves as if (covid-19 pandemic) does not exist “, she declares.

In his opinion, the fact that Trump became ill with covid-19 did not change him.

“I would even say that, on the contrary,” he comes out with the feeling that he is invulnerable. He tells himself that now he can explain to the Americans that it is enough to be lazy to overcome the disease “, appreciates Mary Trump.

“Because of this experience of the disease and this rhetoric, it will endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans,” she warns.

“He is a very weak man, he is notoriously incompetent,” she said.

The niece of the incumbent US president says she fears the White House tenant’s reaction if she is not re-elected. “If he loses, we have to prepare for even more aggressive behavior,” she warns.

“Four more years with Trump is dangerous,” she concludes.