According to an exit poll conducted by and the Institute of Public Policy, Maia Sandu obtained 54.7% of the votes, and Igor Dodon 45.3%. The exit-margin of error is 2.2%. Transnistrian and diaspora voters were not included in the study.

In the second round of the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova, 52.6% of eligible voters voted, ie over 1,638,000 people.

An unprecedented mobilization took place in the diaspora, where more than 250,000 Moldovan citizens voted until the polls closed in the Republic of Moldova, at 21.00 local time.

In the first round, over 149,000 Moldovan citizens voted in the diaspora, a record, and over 70% of these votes were obtained by Maia Sandu. In fact, Maia Sandu won the first round, with over 36% of the vote, almost 4% more than Igor Dodon.

Igor Dodon said after the polls closed that he was quite optimistic. He claims that inside the country he has a significant advantage over Maia Sandu. “

I am optimistic about the outcome of this election, “said the incumbent president.

In her turn, Maia Sandu warns that “in the next few hours there will be pressure for fraud”. “Our people have shown that wherever they are, they don’t care about their home. We regret that many of you had to wait to vote. Unfortunately, the state institutions did not rise to the level of challenges. The CEC turned a blind eye to the organization of voter transportation and did not want to stop bribing voters. I come with an urge to the police, the observers, all those who are responsible for protecting the vote. I know that in the next few hours there will be pressure for fraud. You are the ones who must respect the citizen’s vote.

The final results are expected on Monday morning.