Presidential elections in the United States: Joe Biden still in front with 54% against 42% of Donald Trump

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It’s according to a Washington Post-ABC poll. The poll reflects the popular vote and not the one that wins the 270 voters needed to reach the White House.

With just over three weeks to the presidential election in the United States, Democrat Joe Biden has a double digit lead sobre Donald Trump.

According to a Washington Post-ABC poll, Biden has 54% of supporters compared to 42% for Republican President Trump, who is seeking reelection. The poll reflects the popular vote and not the one that wins the 270 voters needed to reach the White House.

Trump appeared this Saturday without a mask before hundreds of supporters on the balcony of the White House and said feeling “great”, in his first public event since he was infected with covid-19.

In an effort to relaunch his campaign and cut the disadvantage that the polls give him against the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, three weeks before the presidential elections, the president said: “I feel great.”

This Saturday’s event set the stage for Trump, 74, to return to the electoral arena next week: rally planned in Florida on Monday, followed Tuesday by Pennsylvania, a key state, and Iowa on Wednesday.

Biden has called it “reckless” the president’s decision to hold mass campaign events. “The destabilizing effect it is having on our government is inconceivable,” he said Friday.

But the Republican president continues to ignore concerns, saying the United States will overcome a health crisis that has killed more than 213,000 of its citizens, sunk the economy and undermined its chances of accessing a second term.

“I want you to know that our nation is going to defeat this terrible virus from China,” he told hundreds of fans who attended the open-air event, where it was mandatory to wear masks but there was little physical distance.

“It is going to disappear, it is disappearing,” he added.

Later, his doctor Sean Conley said in a statement that Trump “is no longer considered at risk of transmitting” the virus.

The tests showed that “there is no longer evidence that the virus is actively replicating” and that Trump’s viral load is “decreasing,” added Conley, although he did not declare the president to be covid-free.

Directives from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that people who had mild or moderate COVID-19 they can abandon isolation and precautions 10 days later after the onset of symptoms, and after they have had no fever for 24 hours.

Twenty-five days before the November 3 elections and nine days after his coronavirus infection became known, Trump asked: “Come out and vote”, before the crowd where red caps with their slogan “Make America Great Again” predominated (Make America Great Again America Great Again).

“Four more years, four more years”, accompanied him in chorus, throughout his 18-minute speech on law and order.

His campaign interrupted by his three-night hospitalization last week, the president is in the midst of a frenzied attempt to regain ground from Biden, who polls show as the national winner.

Source: ANSA and AFP


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