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It is the first of three, between Trump Y Biden, this Tuesday. It promises to be a high-voltage duel with personal attacks.

The electoral campaign in the United States enters its hottest phase this Tuesday with the first and crucial debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden who is expected to be extremely combative, with personal attacks between accusations of doping and a news bomb about the tycoon’s hidden taxes.

The first of three head-to-head matches scheduled before the November 3 election will be in Cleveland, Ohio, a state that it’s key when it comes to winning the elections. It will last 90 minutes without advertising cuts and will be moderated by Chris Wallace, FoxNews reporter.

The topics to be discussed, according to the driver, will be the political record of both candidates; the Supreme Court; the Covid19 pandemic; the economy; racism and citizen violence and the integrity of elections.

There will be 15 minute blocks to discuss each issue and it is also expected that there will be crossovers, which could end in strong pounding personal given the tone that the campaign has had so far.

It also comes shortly after an explosive scoop from the New York Times, which published part of Trump’s tax affidavits from past decades on Sunday – documents the president refused to release, thus breaking a decades-long tradition of heads of the White House.

The Times reported that Trump paid just $ 750 in income taxes in 2016 and that many other years did not pay anything because he declared that his companies had given losses. This information was qualified by the president as “False” and his lawyer said it was not correct, without providing much detail.

Beyond it all, the revelation without a doubt damages the image that Trump always wanted to offer of himself: an all-powerful tycoon, business ace and with an enormous capacity to achieve millionaire deals. The man who even in magazine reports “Inflated” his fortune to appear more important, he had his companies in the red and with many debts. In the meantime he wore a life of luxury. In addition, the revelation hits his working-class voters, because many elected him in 2016 for being, in addition to being an outsider of politics, a successful businessman.

Although Trump has shown survive intact to tremendous complaints (just remember when a video was released in which he acknowledged that he liked to grab women by their genitals without permission), this issue will undoubtedly be exploited by Biden in the debate and attacks on the presidential management of the pandemic and the damage to institutions that, according to the Democrats, Trump causes in the United States.

Trump, for his part, has already warmed up the engines: he attacked again mental agility by Biden, demanding that the 77-year-old former vice president take a drug test before or after the debate.

“His performances in the debates have been UNEQUAL at record levels, to put it mildly. Only drugs could have caused this discrepancy ??? “Trump tweeted, saying that he should undergo drug testing and that he was willing to do so too.

Trump, 74, seeks to portray Biden as an old man, without energy and with altered mental capacities. It is also estimated that he will attack him about the role of his son Hunter Biden, whom the president has accused of “corruption” when he worked for a gas company in Ukraine while his father was vice president of the United States and of lobbying in favor of Chinese companies.

Trump’s strategy has its risks: Biden has been a stutterer and, although he has generally overcome that difficulty, he sometimes gets stuck on words and produces uncomfortable phrases or silences that seem like problems of another kind. Make fun of this it can be turned against the president. Furthermore, having set such a low bar for the Democrat, only a “correct” debate from Biden could become a success.

Barack Obama’s former vice deputy said on Saturday that he expected “personal attacks and lies” from the president, whom he compared to the Nazi propaganda man, Joseph Goebbels. “People know that the president is a liar,” he added.

Biden enters the first debate with a 6.9% advantage in national polls, and 3.7% in key states, which are the ones that end up defining the election, according to the average of RealClearPolitics polls.

So far he has not done much campaign and only in recent weeks has abandoned basement from his home in Delaware, where he was protected from the coronavirus, to travel to some states where events with social distance were organized.

Trump, meanwhile, seeks to reverse the polls and repeat his great blow in 2016 when the polls gave him a loser and in the end the White House succeeded. He desperately needs to come back in these debates, unlike Biden who only needs not make mistakes.


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