President Trump: ‘Today I leave the hospital, I feel very well’

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US President Donald Trump is late Twitter manage to leave Walter Reed military hospital in Bethesda on Monday evening (local time). The president, who has been in hospital since Friday after testing positive for the corona virus, says he feels “very good”.

Melania also says she feels good

“Don’t be afraid of COVID-19,” Trump tweeted. “Don’t let it dominate your life. We’ve developed good medicine and knowledge under the Trump Administration. I feel better than I did 20 years ago.”

Trump said in a video message on Sunday that he had learned a lot about the virus. “It was an interesting time.” Then he got into a car to wave to supporters who had gathered at the hospital.

The president says he will leave the hospital around 6.30 pm (12.30 am Dutch time).

Sean Conley, the president’s personal doctor, said on Sunday that Trump was recovering well and that the president might be allowed to leave the military hospital on Monday.

The doctor did stress that Trump’s recovery was “ups and downs”. The president received a second dose of the Ebola drug remdesivir on Saturday. In addition to the experimental treatment with remdesivir and a cocktail of synthetic antibodies, Trump was also given the steroid dexamethasone since Saturday evening. This drug was supposed to maintain the oxygen levels in his blood.

Trump was able to continue to do his job in the hospital because the building is set up accordingly. Vice President Mike Pence did take over a meeting on the day of Trump’s recording and said he would play a more prominent role in the election campaign.

Trump was taken to hospital on Friday due to a high fever and problems with oxygen levels in his blood. His wife Melania was also infected, but she only had a mild cough. She left Monday know that she is feeling well and is resting at home.



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