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US President Donald Trump has been seen in public for the first time since his hospitalization. The president, infected with the corona virus, got into a car around 5:30 p.m. (local time) on Sunday and drove past supporters who had gathered at the Walter Reed military hospital.

Doctor criticizes Trump’s ride

A video shows Trump wearing a face mask and waving to his supporters from the car. Shortly before his ride, the president announced in a video message that he would be making a “surprise visit” to “the patriots.”

Trump appreciates the enthusiasm with which his supporters give him a heart. “We have enthusiasm like no one else has.”

In the video message, Trump also says he has learned a lot about the coronavirus: “I learned it by actually going to school. This is not an I-read-the-book well school. I get it now, it’s really interesting. . “

A doctor from Walter Reed hospital has taken the president’s action on Twitter criticized. “The presidential car is not only bulletproof, but also hermetically sealed to protect against chemical attack.” The risk of getting infected with the corona virus indoors is very high, according to the doctor.

“Everyone who was in the car has now been quarantined for two weeks. The irresponsibility is amazing.”

Donald Trump waves to his supporters from a car. (Photo: ANP)

Earlier on Sunday, Sean Conley, the president’s personal physician, said Trump is recovering well. He may be allowed to leave the military hospital in Bethesda on Monday.

The doctors say the president’s vital signs are stable or on the mend. His heart, lungs and liver, among other things, are closely monitored. The president also received a second dose of the Ebola drug remdesivir on Saturday. “Trump’s recovery is going through ups and downs,” said Conley.

In addition to the treatment with remdesivir and a cocktail of synthetic antibodies, Trump has also been administered the steroid dexamethasone since Saturday evening. This drug must maintain the oxygen levels in his blood. The president does not suffer from side effects, according to his doctors.

Trump was hospitalized on Friday after testing positive and deteriorating in health.



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