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The 2020 edition of the Sardinian festival that presents the best of international film production dedicated to the issues of work and migration will be held from 6 to 11 October, and will be available free in streaming for audiences throughout Italy.

Even in such a particular year, the Carbonia Film Festival does not renounce to present the best of international film production dedicated to the themes of work e migrations, and for its edition 2020, in program from 6 to 11 October, comes in a hybrid version for which, alongside the usual city events, it will make its programming available for free online throughout the national territory through a new streaming platform online from today, available at
On the platform it will be the entire program of the Carbonia Film Festival 2020 is available for free; access is very simple, to be able to see the films you just need to register with an email address and password.
The director of the CFF, Francesco Giai Via declares:

In this 2020 made up of uncertainties and unprecedented scenarios, the competitive sections of the Carbonia Film Festival will bring the best the new international auteur cinema has produced in the last year to Italy in the national premiere. In our opinion, 16 absolutely unmissable films for a compact and high-profile selection which, as our tradition, combines the anchoring to the themes that have always characterized our event with a careful research on new talents of world cinema. Then thanks to our streaming platform we will finally be able to show our selection even outside the island borders, thus allowing the public from all over Italy to appreciate a programming work done with care and always based on quality not only cinematic, but also political and Human.

Also this year there will be two competitive sections, dedicated respectively to the feature films and short films that best have been able to tell the key themes of the event, declined in the most disparate ways.
Eight will be the titles of International Feature Film Competition, for a real journey through the cultures and contradictions of our contemporaneity.
There is America’s BLOODY NOSE, EMPTY POCKETS of Bill e Turner Ross, the prodigy twins of the US-branded documentary, who build a mosaic of lives during the last alcoholic night in a Las Vegas bar before the final closure. Presented at the last Berlin Film Festival and also highly acclaimed at Sundance, the film was shot during the last stages of the election campaign that led to the election of Trump and perfectly tells a glimpse of American life.
And then Colombia’s THE DUCTS of Camilo Restrepo, winner of the Best First Film at the last Berlin Film Festival, the story of a man on the run from a cult who, in an attempt to return to a normal life, is forced to confront the ghosts of the past for a fantastic tale about exploitation of religion and violence.
The comparison between ancestral culture and modernity is central, albeit with completely different languages ​​and stories, in two films of the competition: MOGUL MOWGLI di Bassam Tariq that sees Ahmed Rice (Venom, The Night of) as Zed, a young British rapper relocated to New York who on the eve of his world tour discovers he has an autoimmune disease that forces him to return home to his family in a constant quarrel between desire for a career and respect for traditions, e DAYS OF CANNIBALISM of Teboho Edkins, a documentary that is a sort of contemporary western on capitalist globalization and the Chinese economic presence in the livestock market in Africa, in a clash between local traditions and economic supremacy.
Feminine film is WORKING GIRLS of Anne Paulicévich and Frédéric Fonteyne, the story of three French women united by a crime, three everyday heroines who lead a double life to make ends meet and who every morning find themselves in a parking lot to cross the border together and reach the brothel where their second identity comes to life.
Also OVERSEAS of Sung-a Yoon offers a look at the condition of women, with a documentary shot in a training center for housework in the Philippines, which tells the life of these women who are willing to leave their country forever.
Comedy also finds space, with the Indian debut Prateek Vats, EEB ALLAY OOO, a successful satire on the condition of migrants through the vicissitudes of the protagonist, hired to chase the annoying monkeys of New Delhi out of government buildings, managing with humor to tell the dynamics of power in the Indian capital.
Closes the selection EUROPA “BASED ON A TRUE STORY” of Kivu Ruhorahoza, a love story that reflects social and racial tensions in Britain and Europe, in which fictional fiction alternates with images of social clashes and demonstrations on the streets of London. Shot before the Brexit vote, the film offers a vision of the socio-political state of the city, documenting tensions related to immigration and violence that in recent months have led to the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement.

There will also be eight films from International Short Film Competition, which complete the ideal journey of the 2020 Festival selection, on a path that goes from Arab countries through Europe, passing through Africa to Buenos Aires.
Mahdi Fleifel with 3 LOGICAL EXITS he returns to Lebanon, after his previous job, to visit a friend in a refugee camp, making a sociological reflection on the choices of the young Palestinians who live there.
Also THE BLUE STAR of Valentin Noujaïm it is the story of a Lebanese man, tired of feeling like a stranger, who begs heaven to help him find his place in the world.
Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2020, SO WHAT IF THE GOATS DIE of Sofia Alaoui follows the young shepherd Abdellah who lives in the high mountains with his father. To cope with a goat epidemic, Abdellah must travel to the nearest village, where he discovers that strange supernatural phenomena have occurred.
Reflects on the power of the individual and collective voice SOUTH of Morgan Quaintancand, starting with two anti-racist and anti-authoritarian protest movements in South London and Chicago’s South Side.
GENIUS LOCI, animation directed by Adrien Merigeau, follows the young Reine through the urban chaos of a night city. Made by intertwining different aesthetics, this work produced on paper with ink and watercolor took over three years of work. The result is a delicate work of fluid animations.
Mark Metcalf, known for the famous villains and authoritarian characters that he has played in his career both in cinema and on TV, from Animal House a Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is the protagonist of CHARACTER. In this short the director Vera Brunner-Sung offers a critical look at the actor reflecting on his career and the concept of power.
Musical culture as a glue between people is at the heart of SALSA of Igor Dimitri, the story of a normal afternoon in the salon of a Dominican hairdresser in Buenos Aires, where customers, artists, actors and singers meet to the rhythm of music.
Last of the short films in competition is THE NAMES HAVE CHANGED, INCLUDING MY OWN AND TRUTHS HAVE BEEN ALTERED in which Onyeka Igwe he tries to reconstruct the story of his grandfather from the material found in the personal, colonial and television archives of Nigeria, in search of a truth that, as the title of the film suggests, can be modified.



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