Now that we know the price of the Xbox Series X y Series S It only remains to know what the price of the accessories will be, as Microsoft has not yet revealed all these details, leaving pending the cost of the new controls and the external NVMe SSD storage unit that they have created in collaboration with Segate.

However, Best Buy The pre-sale of these expansion cards for Series X and Series S has begun, and the price may surprise you because it will not be economical.

At Best Buy this accessory will be sold for $ 219.99, which at the exchange rate would be practically 5,000 Mexican pesos. Xbox has not revealed the official price in Mexico, but its cost may be very similar.

Why is it so expensive?

If we compare the price at the exchange rate of this accessory against the official cost of the Series S in Mexico, we will realize that the pure expansion card is worth practically 60% of what the Series S costs, so you can see difficult for many users to bet on this card despite having only 512 GB of storage unit.

And is that the Xbox expansion card is expensive because we are talking about a NMVe SSD unit, which also guarantees the same game loading speed as the NVMe SSD unit inside the console.

If we do a quick search on Amazon we will find that a 500 GB Segate NVMe SSD can cost 2,600 Mexican pesos, and it is not an external SSD either, that is, it must be installed manually inside the PC. A 1TB external SSD from Segate that is not NVMe can cost 3,500 Mexican pesos on Amazon, so the price really is not as crazy as it may seem.

It is true that there are other cheaper NVMe SSD drives on Amazon from other manufacturers, but none is an external drive, they all need to be installed directly on the PC, so an external technology that guarantees the same speed and performance as the internal drive makes sense. make it more expensive.

It is very likely that over time the cost of this unit will decrease, especially since there will be more manufacturers that will start to launch this type of technologies, in fact, Microsoft and Segate are expected to launch these expandable memories with more capacity in the future.

What to do if you don’t want to buy this external storage drive from Segate?

Fortunately, Microsoft has mentioned that users can continue to use an SSD or HDD to increase the storage capacity of the console, the bad thing is that the loading times with the games will not be the same as in the internal unit, although probably having a SSD yes we can notice faster loading speed compared to HDD, but at least there are options.