Preparation underway for prosecution by law enforcement in New York.

Law enforcement agencies in New York are reportedly preparing for the possibility of former President Donald Trump facing criminal charges over an undisclosed cash payment to a porn star as early as next week, according to WNBC. The report cited five senior officials who said discussions were underway regarding potential security arrangements around the state criminal court in Manhattan, where a grand jury heard testimony related to the payment made to Stormy Daniels ahead of 2016 presidential election. If indicted, Trump would be the first US former president ever to face such charges. Law enforcement agencies involved comprise New York Police Department, the US Secret Service and FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office – conducting a criminal investigation into Trump’s conduct – is involved in preparations alongside local and federal law enforcement agencies. In recent days Trump has lashed out at Cohen, Daniels and the prosecutors alike. For this case concerning alleged misreporting of business expenses under New York law; this normally constitutes a misdemeanor being elevated if it is done to conceal an underlying crime.

Furthermore, Michael Cohen who previously pleaded guilty for his role in paying Daniels $130k has already testified before the grand jury for two days whereas Stormy Daniles spoke via Zoom conference earlier this week on March 10th; both individuals have been testifying relatedly about their involvement with regards to Mr.Trump.

Trump also personally faces three other criminal investigations– one relating Jack Smith investigating his removal of confidential government documents from White House when he left office which is impeding federal officials’ efforts recovery them whilst recommending that several people be charged with different allegations.

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