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Canal Digital announced on Monday that the price for TV 2 Sport Premium, which among other things gives access to the Premier League, will be increased by 40 percent from 1 November. TV 2 Sumo will also be more expensive.

«TV 2 has increased its recommended price for us. TV 2 justifies the price increase with increased rights costs. We therefore have to increase the price of TV 2 Sport Premium accordingly, from NOK 499 to NOK 699 / month », it is stated in the message that Canal Digital’s customers have received.

The price jump corresponds quite accurately to 40 percent.

– The rights costs have increased significantly from the previous rights period, and therefore it is necessary with a price increase now, writes TV 2’s press manager Jan-Petter Dahl to VG by e-mail.

He confirms that the TV channel increases its prices towards the distributors by NOK 200 a month for the Premier League channels. Dahl states that there will also be a price increase for TV 2 Sumo subscriptions, but that the channel has not taken a final position on how much more expensive it will be.

This is how he justifies the price increase:

– It is simply because the rights to show football cost much more. And when the rights become more expensive, we have to raise the price, says Dahl.

TV 2 secured the Premier League rights for

. They have since raised the price by NOK 50 to distributors in October 2019.

– What do you put in that the rights costs have increased since the last rights period? Was the price not set for 2019–2022 then or are there other things that come into play?

– We try to minimize price increases and therefore chose not to take out the entire increase last year, Dahl answers.

– Does that mean that it was constantly planned to raise the price in 2020?

– When the rights become more expensive for such a product, we have to raise the price and we have chosen to do so this year. We have a great understanding that this is a lot of money, but at the same time think it is fair that those who use the offer must be the ones who pay.


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