Pregnant women with COVID-19 may have symptoms of the disease during two months or more, according to a study, which indicates that the mean time for symptoms to disappear was, in the group studied, 37 days.

The study, conducted by an American team and published in Obstetrics & Gynecology, followed a group of 594 pregnant women diagnosed with COVID-19, but not hospitalized and noted that the symptoms “They usually ease after a month, but they can persist longer for 25% “of them.

60% of the women did not present any symptoms after four weeks of illness, but for 25%, these persisted for eight or more weeks and the mean duration was 37 days.

Symptoms in pregnant women can be prolonged, up to “two months or more” for a quarter of the women who participated in a national study in the United States.

The most common early symptoms in pregnant women were cough, sore throat, body aches and fever notes research from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Half of the participants still had symptoms after three weeks and 25% were still with them eight weeks after diagnosis.

“Pregnant people with COVID-19 can expect to have symptoms for a longer time” and they “can have a significant impact on health and well-being “, noted by the main author Vanessa Jacoby, from UCSF.

Average of 32 years and without hospitalization

The research is part of the American study PRIORITY, for women who are pregnant or up to 6 weeks after pregnancy and have a confirmed or suspected case of coronavirus.

Most of the previous research focused on pregnant women hospitalized for the disease, but this one focused on Outpatient, they represent “the overwhelming majority of adults with the virus.”

The participants had an average age of 32 years, almost a third of them they worked in health services and the mean gestational age was about 24 weeks.

The researchers found several common symptoms of COVID-19, but they also saw that symptoms related to the virus they were complicated by the overlapping of symptoms of a normal pregnancy, such as nausea, fatigue and congestion.

Mild patients

The first primary symptoms were tos (20%); sore throat (16%); body aches (12 and fever (12%), while loss of taste or smell was the first symptom in 6%.

Other symptoms included shortness of breath, runny nose, sneezing, nausea, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea or dizziness, the study added.

“Most of the participants in our study population suffered from the disease mildly and were not hospitalized,” says Yalda Afshar, from UCLA and another of the study authors, although “it took an average of 37 days for symptoms to will be relieved. “

“Despite the potential risks of COVID-19 for pregnant people and their newborns, there are big gaps in our knowledge about the course of the disease and the general prognosis, “said Afsahr, who considered that these results can help pregnant women and their doctors better understand what to expect from infection.”