Pregnant, Simone wears a romantic look at ‘The Voice Kids’ and her husband praises: ‘I love’

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The singer Simone, a duo from Simaria, returned to perfect the look for “The Voice Kids”: after valuing the belly of 4 months pregnant in an all black look in the resumption of the reality show, this Sunday (27), the countryman bet on a more romantic production, signed by stylist Alberth Franconaid. In a light shade of pink and satin fabric, the flowing dress – a model that should be on the rise in the spring – was woven with puffed sleeves. The look earned praise on social networks, including her husband, Kaká Diniz.

Businessman highlights love for wife and daughter

In his commentary on the photo of the Bahian woman, businessman Kaká Diniz mentioned the couple’s new heiress, whose name has not yet been defined by the couple. “My heart can’t stand seeing these two wonders of God! My loves! I didn’t even see you daughter, but I love you so much!”, He wrote. To complete the production, Henry’s mother left her hair half tied, half loose with babyliss and chose a bright make-up, signed by Krisna.

Simaria wears fashionista suit

Simaria, in turn, chose a more refined look for Sunday attraction. Unlike Simone, who is following the program from home with a live link due to the pregnancy, Giovanna and Pawel’s mother goes to the Globo studios to record. His bet this Sunday was a Max Mara suit with Dior jewelry. The styling was also with Alberth Franconaid and the beauty, with Wellington Tomé. Check out more photos in the gallery above!

Singer opposes quarantine with husband: ‘Close-knit couple’

Simaria is married to the Spanish businessman Vicente Escrig and gave details of the wedding during the quarantine period. “My quarantine was very peaceful with Vicente. We have always been a close-knit couple. There are times when we joke: ‘there is no trip for us to breathe a little’. But it was a nice experience,” said the artist, already fully recovered from Covid-19’s diagnosis that made her isolated from her family. According to the artist, this time together is something unprecedented in the couple’s life. “Since I never had this, I am making the most of it. We cook dinner, invent foods, try to be together alone, send the children to Aunt Simone’s house for us to enjoy,” he said, laughing. She also surrendered the desire to produce a work in her partner’s language. “I think we have already accomplished everything we wanted to achieve in our career. Although I feel like singing music in Spanish,” he revealed.

(By Marilise Gomes)


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