Domakers Finland, a promotion and marketing agency, recently celebrated its birthday in Helsinki. Petra Gargano, who is expecting her second child, also arrived to celebrate.

– It’s nice to get in the air. The celebrities of the album were to be celebrated in October, they were supposed to be at Tavastia already in March. I keep my fingers crossed that they happen this time. They had to be moved because of the corona, Gargano told Iltalehti.

Music has always been important to the singer. He hopes many will find new songs.

– It has a really positive undertone. I had a need to make an encouraging and empowering muse. Just the right muse for the moment. In the midst of all the gray that may not be handed over, Petra Gargano told Iltalehti.

Gargano is expecting her second child. The girl is expected to be born in January.

– I dream that I will get to the gigs and that the baby will be healthy. And to get on a holiday trip with the family somewhere warm next year, Gargano told Iltalehti.

Several front-line stars arrived at the Domakers Finland celebrations to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. In addition to Gargano, Rosanna Kulju, for example, Elina Kanerva, Kaisa Liski, Milana Misic and Pepe Willberg.