Predator returns again in a fifth film, there is already a director

A fifth chapter of Predator is coming, seventh if you calculate the Alien vs. Predator: A director has already been chosen and has worked so far in the shadows …

Predator is about to return, for a fifth chapter or for a seventh, if you also include the two Alien Vs. Predator in the canon: the news was given by Deadline, apparently anticipating a more atmospheric and fan-oriented announcement, which the director Dan Trachtenberg was preparing with i 20th Century Studios (now part of Disney). The author of 10 Cloverfield Lane and Black Mirror and The Boys confirmed the scoop via Twitter: “It had to be a surprise, I’ve been working on it for almost four years, it saddens me that what we had in store to make you discover this film will no longer be used. Damn. But anyway … HURRY! ”

Predator 5, what will Dan Trachtenberg’s film be about?

We will never know what marketing campaign Fox / Disney had cooked up, but at this point something more important remains to be known, namely the topic of this fifth act, which will come after the controversial The Predator by Shane Black from 2018, preceded by a worse-received reboot attempt in 2010, Predators (in proportion to the budget but more profitable). The saga, for those who had not lived the eighties in their most dazzling form, started from Predator from 1987 with Arnold Schwarzenegger, directed by John McTiernan, continuing with Predator 2 in 1990.
Someone thinks they have a clue about story of Predator 5, because in 2019 it became known that Trachtenberg was working on a script entitled Skulls, focusing on a Comanche woman that overturned gender expectations and decided to become a warrior. These “skulls” in the title have made some observers think of a cover for the fifth Predator project, or a probable transformation of that idea in the fifth act itself.
The continuation of the saga was not so obvious: The Predator, costing 88 million dollars, brought home only 160, almost a flop. Evidently according to Fox / Disney there is still life in nostalgia for a certain type of cinema (or perhaps this time the budget is much smaller!).


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