PP denounces ETA’s “hate ecosystem” in Navarra in Europe

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The ‘popular’ present a dossier in which they demonstrate the “impunity” of the pro etarras and ask for help in the face of the government’s passivity

Tribute to ETA member Hodei Ijurko, in September 2019, in Pamplona.

The People’s Party in Europe denounces the culture of the exaltation of ETA violence that was installed in Navarra before, exercises the passivity of regional and national authorities. And given this lack of response from the institutions to the taking of the streets and the speech of the heirs of ETA, the training led by Pablo Casado decided to turn to Europe to denounce this situation.

He considers that, from the Spanish executive, there is passivity in the face of continuous episodes of outbreaks of violent acts and tributes to murderers in Navarra, and demands that European partners analyze this special situation suffered by the Autonomous Community.

From the PP, they sent Europe a detailed report of all the incidents that occurred in Navarra, all acts of homage to ETA members and in support of their hate speech. And he asks for help from Brussels, considering that the executive of Pedro Snchez and Pablo Iglesias is not willing to fight this battle.

“In the Foral Community, the terrorist organization ETA murdered 42 human beings, and in it, too, the heirs of the political arm of the criminal organization continue today to justify and exalt ETA and the members of the gang.” begins the process sent to Europe and to which EL MUNDO had access.

“Samples of technical threats”

This report was promoted mainly by the president of the PP in Navarra and by a national deputy, Ana Beltrn. The text was sent to the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs.

“Navarra continues to be the scene of numerous signs of radicalism and physical and in-person threats by those who were part of the environment of the terrorist organization, the author of almost a thousand murders and more than 70 kidnappings, causing attacks that generated more than 2,500 wounded and responsible for the exile suffered by tens of thousands of Spaniards residing in Navarra or the Basque Country “, states the document.

The PP explains to European representatives that after the announcement of the definitive cessation of the terrorist activity of ETA, in October 2011, and of its dissolution as a terrorist organization, in May 2018 “, the pressure of the band’s environment has not diminished. Beaten in Navarra , as evidence of the harassment campaigns that the left Abertzale continues to put pressure on state security forces “.

Homage to the 'openness' left to Jarrai, in Leiza (Navarra).
Tribute from the ‘openzale’ left to Jarrai, in Leiza (Navarra).THE WORLD

“Such campaigns generated an ecosystem of hatred that echoed in brutal attacks against agents like the one that occurred in the municipality of Navarran, in Alsasua on October 15, 2016, when two civil guards and their partners were brutally attacked for being part of the Civil Guard “.

To this day, constitutionalist parties that condemn terrorism “without fissures or folds find it very difficult for their candidates to present themselves in the northern cities of Navarra, where fear continues to prevail. This situation was perpetuated as a result of the political alliances that the PSOE developed in Navarre not only with nationalism, but also with the left Abertzale, political sensitivity that he trusts to govern, despite his refusal to condemn terrorism and despite justifying ETA’s criminal record “.

Thus, in mid-2020, in Navarra “, a scenario of impunity prevails, in which the environment of the terrorist band, represented politically by the left Abertzale, took a turn in its strategy to legitimize the criminal organization and try to build a story that features criminals proud to be criminals as committed citizens. Represented by parties like Bildu, she not only refuses to condemn ETA’s criminal record, but also justifies and defends that on the streets of Navarra hundreds of people, including boys and girls, publicly pay tribute to unrepentant members of the terrorist band. ”

The “plea for ETA” corridor

In 2019 alone, there were 110 acts of worship to ETA in Spain. “In the light of the data, we are witnessing a thoughtful and thoughtful attempt to build public truth from the hands of an effective model of political communication, a model by which collective identities are built: the model of hero, victim, villain.”

“The prisoner who has just come out of prison arrives in his city, where he walks down a corridor made up of neighbors carrying flags. The corridor is the first exercise to defend ETA’s pride. The flags, the reason for the sacrifice and the representative emblem In this corridor, children, new generations, gain more and more prominence as cognitive structures are created that represent a struggle, a vision of reality, transferable from parents to children “, explains the PP to the European Representatives.

ETA member Hodei Ijurko is applauded after his release from prison
ETA Hodei Ijurko is applauded after being released from prison in 2019.THE WORLD

“There is an urgent need to demand solutions and involvement from some Navarrese institutions that have remained and remain far from their work of responsibility. The silence of some political parties in denouncing these actions is also a significant fact that favors the comfort of the organization’s organizers. exaltation “, ensure the popular.

They consider that it is necessary “to give an effective response from the institutions, fundamentally from the government of Navarra, to the greetings and tributes. That a criminal today remains a criminal of tomorrow depends largely on the actions of governments like that of Navarra. Yes, someone who puts a political project before the right to life ends up being perceived by the new generations as a committed citizen, no moral barrier prevents these new generations from following a bad example “.



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