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The aggression barometer in the “summer house of the stars” is at the limit. Only energy cleansing, power animals, love for mother earth help.

We are already in the ninth episode of the TV show “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” (RTL / TVNOW) and people are still hated, intrigued, screamed and desperate. The only funny thing about this episode is Chris’ answers to the first knowledge game. What is the official seat of the Federal President called? Chris: “Chancellor?” Who rules in a democracy? “The king.” What color cannot bees see? “How should I know if I don’t know?” For every wrong answer, the couples have to eat a spoonful of spicy food, which is why two teams – Lisha (33) and Lou (31) and Michaela (54) and Martin (63) soon drop out.

The next game is also about general knowledge – and team play, or in this case anti-team play. This time the women can decide which of them has to answer which question. It goes without saying that Lisha uses her chance: “I immediately said to everyone: All Eva!” Lisha, Caro (41) and Michaela pass all difficult questions on to their archenemy. “We’re being taken apart right now,” said the desperate Eva to her Chris before they were the first to leave. The fact that Lisha even wins in the end – and is therefore safe – wasn’t the best performance of karma.

A loving run-in from Team Spirit

After that, the outcasts retreat to the bedroom to lick their wounds. Eva overcame self-doubt and anger, Chris now suffers from persistent headaches. But Diana (46) from Team Spirit rushes to the rescue and gives the couple, who are about to give up, a loving enema in her typical battered and charming manner, which ends with the command: “Be cool now!”

For this there is the complete Team Spirit treatment: The “strong elephant” Fandi is proclaimed a power animal and hung up as a T-shirt within sight, the energetic cloud cover is placed on Chris’ forehead, any drops are swallowed and the neck massively massaged. Chris, slightly intimidated: “I actually only have a headache …” Diana, unwavering on a mission: “I have God in me, shut up!”

As it turns out, he should still need spiritual assistance. In the evening all masks fall and the war finally breaks out. For an endlessly exhausting twenty screen minutes, Lisha and Eva scream at each other in the garden because Eva dared not offer her tormentor any Prosecco. “So anti-social, uneducated, really,” she blasphemed.

The audience is now clear about the pattern behind Lisha’s attacks: She is artificially upset about something in Eva, which ultimately provokes a reaction, which gives Lisha the supposed right to be able to roar fervently with expletive language. And no, the absurdity of this principle seems to be just as unclear to her as that of her sentence: “Shut up, I tell you, talk properly!”

It doesn’t get any more anti-social

The most common word in this argument and the subsequent discussions about it is “anti-social”. “Like snot spoons in the sandpit and insulting each other like the Assis”, sums up Andreas (53), shaking his head, who doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. His wife Caro sees it differently. She gives Diana, who understands just as little as the audience, what Eva actually did wrong to understand: “There is a reason why 14 people stand against two people.” All of Germany would like to know that now, but that will probably remain the eternal secret of Andrej (33) or the editing room.

Diana, in any case, continues to swear to always stand by the weaker and goes to an energy cleanse with Chris. The “wannabe angel” is now in Lisha’s line of fire, who yells: “Now you’re right down there, under the sole of my foot!” Diana, very “Team Spirit”: “I love mother earth […] Maybe I can catch you someday. “


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