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An employee of the U.S. State Postal Service (USPS) in the state of Pennsylvania has admitted to making up past allegations of election fraud, reports The Washington Post Tuesday (local time). Republicans contesting the results of the presidential election have repeatedly referred to the claims in recent days.

Allegations are ‘100 percent false’

The postman had alleged that a supervisor in the town of Erie had instructed employees to count late votes by post.

The man’s allegations have been referenced several times by senior Republican politicians, who, like US President Donald Trump, claim that the presidential election was fraudulent and are legally challenging the results. There is as yet no evidence for that claim.

Among others, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham referred to the allegations in a letter to the Department of Justice calling for an investigation into the election. Subsequently, Attorney General William Barr in a letter authorized federal prosecutors to investigate the alleged misconduct surrounding the elections.

The USPS employee has according to The Washington Post On Sunday admitted to postal inspectors that his earlier allegations were not true and signed a written sworn statement withdrawing the allegations.

A major House of Representatives committee of inquiry confirms the lie. The commission writes on Twitter that this became apparent when the man was questioned. He has not explained why he accused his supervisor of electoral fraud.

The supervisor calls the earlier allegations “100 percent false.” According to him, these were allegations “by an employee who has recently been punished several times”.

Despite the coverage of The Washington Post and the confirmation of the inquiry commission, the employee repeats on Tuesday (local time) that he has not lied. Why he tells another story after a written confession is not clear. The man again shows no evidence for his story. He says in the same video later to come up with more information.

Pennsylvania was one of the pivotal states during the Presidential election between Joe Biden and Trump. Because Biden received the most votes in Pennsylvania, he reached the required 270 electors for the election win on Saturday. Trump insists, however, that he is the real winner. According to him, voting fraud has been committed in the state.

Biden called Trump’s refusal to admit his loss Tuesday “embarrassing”. “I don’t think this will benefit his legacy,” the president-to-be said during a speech in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

On Monday, Trump’s campaign team filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania. The incumbent president has also gone to court in other states. Trump has not yet shown any evidence of substantial fraud.



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