Portuguese Grand Prix: Comments before the stage

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Mario Izola: “This is our first time going to double stages, both of which will take place on circuits that Formula 1 has not arrived at in the hybrid era. The first of the races will take place in Portimao – the circuit will make its debut in the championship. Although Formula 1 races have never been held on this circuit before, we know the race circuit from GT and Superbike performances, so we can imagine what to expect. The track is very entertaining and we think the pilots will love to race on it.

In Portimao, tire loads are quite high, which can only be aggravated by warm weather. That is why we will bring three of the toughest squads to Portugal. In addition, this weekend we have changed the standard set of compounds: riders will receive an additional Hard set instead of one Soft set.

In Friday’s second practice session in the first thirty minutes, riders will be able to evaluate the 13-inch tires for the first time for next season. As usual, the tests will be blind, so the riders will not know which lineup they are working with. “

Mercedes-AMG Petronas

Toto Wolff: “The moment Lewis crossed the finish line in Germany on his way to his 91st career win was special. On the other hand, Valtteri’s race could not have gone worse – he started from pole, but did not finish and lost a lot of points in the individual standings – this is a heavy blow to Valtteri’s chances at this stage of the season.

We have identified a failed ECU electrical component that is causing the problem. All evidence suggests that a quick decision to stop the car prevented mechanical damage to the power plant. It is always difficult for a racer to leave the race, but one of Valtteri’s strengths is resilience and the ability to recoup. I am sure that in Portugal he will do everything in his power.

The track in Portimão is already the second new one this season, the results may be unexpected. In Mugello, we saw an exciting race, and after that we focused on how to prepare as well as possible for the remaining new races and collect information as efficiently as possible upon arrival on the track. This will be especially important during the two-day weekend in Imola next week.

In the last stages, our car was fast in qualifications and races. We hope to confirm this speed in Portugal. “

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

Alex Elbon: “Portimao or Portimão? I say Portimao – it seems to me that this is more accurate. This is a cool track and a cool place. Looking at the drawing, you first of all notice the height difference. Up and down, slide to slide. This is impressive!

The last time I performed here in Formula 3 was back in 2015. I did not remember the name of the turns, but in the area of ​​the seventh-ninth track goes up a hill, there is an almost blind turn – it seems to you that the car is about to take off, when the descent starts – you go down the slope – and again take off in a blind turn!

The configuration is interesting, and these blind turns amplify it a lot. I am very happy to come to the Portuguese Grand Prix – also because of the fantastic interest of the local fans. “

McLaren F1 Team

Andreas Seidl, Team Leader: “After the stage in Germany, we focused on analyzing the data collected at the Nürburgring in order to arrive at the right conclusions in preparation for the Portuguese stage and find the best way to make progress.

Based on these findings, we decided that we would continue to use our new nose cone in conjunction with the already tried and tested configuration of the machine, which has proven to be effective. In training on Friday, we will continue to test new items, as well as further analyze the work of the new aerodynamic body kit.

The Portimão circuit hosts a Formula 1 race for the first time, and tests were carried out there only in the fall of 2008 and in the winter of 2009. As in the case of Mugello, we have little information about the Portuguese circuit, therefore, through the use of computer modeling methods, we are trying to understand how modern Formula 1 cars will behave there.

I am sure the upcoming weekend will be a good test for the teams and riders, because it will be necessary to understand in detail the specifics of the track and prepare as best as possible for the qualification and race. “

Lando Norris: “At the Nurburgring for the first time this season we were unable to reach the finish line, which upset me a little. I did my best on the race distance, but, apparently, it was not destined to bring it to the end, and we missed a good opportunity to earn points.

We continue to fight, and we have something to strive for. You just have to fully focus on work and conduct each race as the circumstances dictate.

It’s great that in this unusual season we have to act on a track like Portimao, completely new for Formula 1. Probably few of the riders know it, although some have such experience gained in the youth series.

Personally, in 2017, I took part in a two-day test there and drove a McLaren MP4-26, a 2011 car that was somewhat different from the usual tests on the Silverstone circuit. I’m not sure if this will give me any advantage over those who will be in Portimao for the first time, but wait and see. We will try to earn more points this weekend! “

Carlos Science: “The previous stage in Germany was not the best for us, although we were able to show a good result and take 5th place. Last week, the team was closely engaged in analyzing the information collected during the race, and I hope that before the Portuguese stage we will be able to sort out all the problems.

The track in Portimao is not familiar to me, as well as to many other racers. But I like to solve difficult problems, and I intend to show good speed from the very beginning of the weekend. Our rivals are performing well, but the struggle continues and we are trying to improve our position in the championship. There are six more races ahead, so we will attack until the very end of the season. “

Racing Point F1 Team

Sergio Perez: “In 2009 I played in Portimao in GP2. A lot of time has passed since then, I hardly remember anything about the track! In fact, we will arrive at a new circuit for ourselves. An interesting challenge awaits us, but we will try to pick up speed as quickly as possible.

Everyone’s lack of experience on this track can affect the balance of power. We are in the middle of a series of races on unknown tracks. We haven’t chased at the Nurburgring for a long time, now there is a stage in Portimao, and then we will go to Imola. It is unusual to have so many races on unfamiliar tracks.

As a rider, I like it. It is always more difficult and more interesting to compete on a new track. I hope this will affect the balance of power, and the fans will see an exciting race.

I speak a little Portuguese, but I haven’t spent much time in the country. I think when the situation in the world returns to normal, I will come to Portimao again and study everything properly. “

Lance Stroll: “Perhaps the alignment of forces on the new track will change. However, we are all professionals, and like all other teams, we have done a lot of preparatory work. On Friday, in training, you have to pick up speed and learn the track as quickly as possible. I suppose that everyone will try to achieve the maximum in qualification.

I competed in the Algarve in European Formula 3 and I remember that the track has a large vertical drop. In addition, the asphalt was rather bumpy, but it was shifted before the Grand Prix. Fast connections and vertical drops will be a real challenge for the riders. I think the TV picture will be exciting.

Given the level of competition in Formula 1, every weekend must be carried out without mistakes, even on familiar tracks, and the upcoming stage will not be an exception. We have to focus on our program, execute it and get the most out of the car during the weekend. “

Renault DP World F1 Team

Interview: Keron Pilbeam | Daniel Riccardo | Esteban Ocon


Charles Leclair: “In Portimao, I raced only once – in 2015 in Formula 3. I remember that it was great, also because of the variable terrain. This is a modern and interesting track, and the weather should be warmer than last weekend at the Nurburgring.

It will be interesting to evaluate the car’s handling in various corners in hotter weather. “

Sebastian Vettel: “I have never raced in Portimão, I don’t have any personal experience yet, but I am always happy to race on new tracks.

On the circuit diagram, I saw variable terrain and several “blind” turns, but we can estimate them more accurately on free races – we need to use them as efficiently as possible. “

Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda

Preview before the Grand Prix of Portugal and the Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna …

Alfa Romeo Racing

Frederick Wasser, team leader: “A weekend on the Algarve circuit is another step into the unknown. We arrive at a new track and start with a clean slate. The team adapts quickly – this year we both earned points at the new circuit, so we expect to demonstrate a high pace in the coming weekend.

In the last stages, we fought for positions in the area of ​​tenth place, which was a good step forward. However, we cannot afford to stop progressing as the teams in the middle group remain competitive. “

Kimi Raikkonen: “The track in Portugal is new for all of us, and I don’t think anyone has the experience of piloting a modern car on it – everyone will start the weekend in equal conditions. However, the balance of power in Portugal will be little different from what we have seen in other races.

You need to perform well on Saturday and Sunday. The car is getting better, but if we make life difficult for ourselves in qualifying, then it will be difficult to apply for something in the race. In the last few races we have seen that we can be competitive. Hopefully this weekend we will again find ourselves in the epicenter of the struggle. “

Antonio Giovinazzi: “The last few races have given us long-awaited confidence. It’s always nice to compete in the top ten and earn points – the same goal for the race in Portugal.

I raced Portimao in Formula 3 in 2015 and I know the track, but I don’t think that would be an advantage because a Formula 3 car is very different from a modern Formula 1 car. the race should be fun. I would like to get pleasant memories of the stage. “

Haas F1 Team

Interview: Günter Steiner | Roman Grozhan | Kevin Magnussen

Williams Racing

Dave Robson, Chief Race Engineer: “The twelfth stage will be held for the first time at the Algarve International Circuit – and for the first time since 1996, Formula 1 will return to Portugal.

The track located near Portimão is quite modern, with an interesting configuration reminiscent of Barcelona – and with a large difference in altitude. I think the riders will most like the last corner, which leads to the starting line. “

George Russell: “I look forward to the Portuguese stage – a new track on our calendar. I remember how I was racing there in 2015 – it is a really interesting track, with a difference in altitude and its own character. This weekend everyone will have a difficult time – the teams do not have data from past races on which they could rely, which could affect the balance of power. “

Nicholas Latifi: “I am very happy to be able to perform in Portugal. On this track I was only once – spent on tests only one day a few years ago. But I remember that the track is very technical, with a large vertical drop – like you are on a roller coaster.

It should be fun to play on a track like this. This will be a new test for everyone, because Formula 1 has not played there yet. I look forward to the start of the weekend and hope that it will be successful for us. “



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