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Portugal has just entered the UK’s ‘black list’ again, as the rebound in coronavirus cases has led the British Government to impose a 14-day quarantine to citizens returning from the tourist areas of the country of fado, especially from the Algarve. It is the consequence of a growing curve that sets off alarms and forces Prime Minister Antonio Costa to take new measures to try to slow the spread of the disease.

It will be on Tuesday, September 15, when the recently approved regulations come into force, although the requirement of a mask in the streets or on the beaches is not contemplated at all.

Public gatherings of more than 10 people (a maximum of four if they take place 300 meters from a school) are prohibited, and the hours of all types of commercial establishments will begin to be operational from 10.00 a.m.

Regarding the closure, the Socialist Executive gives municipalities freedom to choose the right moment between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m., never later. However, the sale of alcohol after 8:00 pm is completely ruled out, except in restaurants and places that sell food. By the way, these types of graded drinks cannot be consumed on public roads.

Furthermore, another outstanding circumstance has to do with the fact that catering services will not be able to admit groups of more than four people.

And companies in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto will have to alternate face-to-face work with teleworking, so that employees are not constantly exposed to the virus.

Shifts should also be staggered, so that neither all entries nor all exits occur at the same time. In addition, sporting events of whatever kind will continue to be held behind closed doors and the tasks of the so-called “district brigades” will begin, made up of nurses and Civil Protection personnel, in order to monitor the situation in people’s homes greater.



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