Portu puts the aim

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The Royal Society besieges the goal of a lazy AZ, but wastes a dozen diaphanous occasions

The Real Sociedad saved a delicate situation after their stumble on the previous European match against Naples. He did it after taming a weak AZ Alkmaar with game and chances, although he could only get one goal, the work of Portu, which made him suffer hardships in the final minutes, when the Dutch team, with nothing to lose, pushed what they could. Some of the visitors would have been almost an accident, but in football they happen very often.

It has become a classic for Imanol Alguacil to have to modify the line-up when it has already been announced by the video scoreboards. It happened against Napoli, and also against AZ. Sagnan is always the chosen one; Without having warmed up with his companions, he gets dressed and appears by surprise in the photo. It was for Elustondo then and for Gorosabel this time. It is not that the Real coach’s plans are altered too much, because the team appears on the field with the same idea, and that of the Donostiarras was to besiege the Dutch. They did it. Almost in the manner of Philip II to the city, Alkmaar, from which the cheerful visitors of Anoeta arrived, who did not seem to take their own defensive system too seriously.

The happy thing, in reference to the AZ players, falls short even. They became comical at times; Each clearance was a joke, each coverage a joke, and in front of a team as sharp as the Real, playing as they did was still similar to the ritual of a sect that decides to commit suicide en masse. They started with a very risky exit of the ball that almost never went well, they continued with a visible apathy when it came to putting the foot in or executing defensive aids. There were those who came to stray in some dangerous center.

With this panorama, the Real was presented with an appetizing landscape, but for many minutes she confused hunger with the desire to eat; he got bored with the sight and wasted nearly a dozen clear opportunities. It wasn’t about opening the can, which it already was, but about sticking in the fork. Portu had a chance against the goalkeeper in the 17th minute; Silva finished off a pass from Monreal, heading in the race from the penalty spot; Le Normand wasted the next one, and within half an hour, a Monreal center crossed the line without Portu or Isak pushing it into the net.

The Dutch humor festival, combined with San Sebastian’s lack of expertise, continued in the following minutes, with Monreal and Portu adding errors to the statistics without getting off the bus.

And so, without any defensive blush from AZ, supported by the inspiration of Marco Bizot, his goalkeeper and a fortune that many already wanted for roulette, in which red was always coming out, the game passed as if the scoreboard had been short-circuited in the zero tie at the start. But after so much playing all or nothing, luck changes in the end. La Real scored in the 57th minute. Portu, in a doubtful position, although there is no VAR in the Europa League, pushed the center of Oyarzabal from close by, which he had received from Monreal, in one of those actions in which all AZ defenders They looked like figures from the wax museum.

It was not the award they deserved, but just the stone, because Real deserved many more goals. Above, the previous lack of aim forced the San Sebastian team to play with stiff ears during the remainder of the game. AZ was stretched in the final minutes, with five changes in two sets, and although it did not create too much danger, it sowed concern, which did not pass to greater. The result was short, but the points stayed in Anoeta, as it was guessed from the first minute.


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