The unprecedented circuit of Portimao, in the Portuguese Algarve, he has left two images to remember his only participation in Formula 1 already on the first day of work. After a first free practice session with track starts due to the cold asphalt and the lack of knowledge of the route, in the second there were two serious incidents that caused as many red flags.

The first had Pierre Gasly as the protagonist. The Frenchman was forced to jump off his AlphaTauri just left it parked as best he could, because it started to burn. An overheating problem led to a fire that left the car completely unusable for the rest of the weekend.

More serious was what happened later. When the other drivers were already doing fast lap tests, an absurd dive between Lance Stroll Y Max Verstappen killed the canadian of Racing Point with the car broken in the loophole and the Dutch bellowing on the radio but with his Red Bull touched but not destroyed.

The sequence of the incident seen from Verstappen’s car leaves little room for doubt: Stroll was ahead, the blue one behind in his slipstream and when he came out of aspiration, he expected to pass him by speeding up the braking. The Canadian did not see him or did not let him pass and threw himself to the vertex as if there was no one. Verstappen, instead of slowing down, he also got as if they were in a race and ended up ramming his rival.

The consequence was an accident that could have been much more serious, but that was noted by the stewards in the event of a possible sanction.

The only predictable thing about this unexpected Friday was the rider who finished with the best time: Valtteri Bottas.