The coronavirus might be with us, tragically, for a very long time. And protecting and preventative measures, comparable to frequent hand washing, thorough hygiene and a masks, may also stick with us for a very long time. Quite a few research present the alterations that our dermis is struggling. We should tenaciously handle ourselves to keep away from irreversible issues. As a result of we danger our pores and skin.

All of us had the hope, now it’s clearly unfounded, that in a number of months the virus would disappear and we might have some therapy towards Covid-19. Sadly, neither has occurred. We should, due to this fact, completely adapt our life and our customs to those new routines that, though they’re efficient for defense and prevention, even have a collection of penalties on our pores and skin. And as this goes for a very long time, we should take excessive care of the dermis and obtain efficient maintained.

Till now, if we discovered dry pores and skin on our fingers, we utilized a bit cream, and if we seen altered facial pores and skin, we didn’t give it a lot significance. Right now we have now to concentrate to those small causes for alarm, as a result of they are often the start of a cascade of issues that may worsen over time.

Totally different medical research already report the alterations that the masks produces on the pores and skin. The artificial materials with which they’re made, on the one hand, accompanied by physique warmth and humidity, on the opposite, produce what known as “sensitization phenomenon”. The fiber community additionally causes a bodily peeling impact that assaults the superficial cells and eliminates defenses, enabling viruses, micro organism and fungi to penetrate extra successfully within the deep layers of the pores and skin. The consequence is that zits worsens, and Rosacea, flaking or herpes seem, that’s, a really unflattering image to pay attention to and search for options.

Over-accelerated pores and skin begins to not operate correctly, if to this we add the chilly of winter, we discover dry, tight pores and skin with a sense of discomfort. To stop these signs, which if not handled will accompany us for a very long time, we have now to design a method and a routine that enables us to maintain our pores and skin wholesome and match.

We begin with the fingers. We should apply lotions which have protecting capability and that, because of having vegetable oils, really irreplaceable in these instances, nourish and restore its protecting layer to the dermis. Vegetable oils are wealthy in linoleic and linolenic acids.

That is what we imply by important fatty acids, as a result of Though they’re important for our physique, we don’t manufacture them, and we have now to assimilate them by way of food plan. They’re highly effective primary antioxidants for pores and skin well being. As well as, it’s crucial to use a substance of pure origin referred to as Allantoin, which vastly prevents the pores and skin from flaking or fissuring.

Concerning the pores and skin of the face, we should pay particular consideration to readjust what the important masks unbalances. Lotions that comprise plant extracts comparable to the Angelica, the Tomato, the Sanguinaria, the Lupinus Albus, the Calahuala or the Dragon’s Blood, they would be the strongest allies to maintain the pores and skin in excellent situation.

Covid-19 has been revealed as a ruthless aggressor of our dermis. Pores and skin and pandemic are a foul match. However the fidelity within the care and the usage of the appropriate merchandise can save our pores and skin. As soon as once more, botany is our nice ally.

Jerónimo Ors, Pharmacist and Director of Laboratorios Paquita Ors.