Pompeo pays unprecedented visit to illegal Israeli settlement

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With toast and new snapshots for the story, Mike Pompeo dice goodbye to Israel. During his tour of the Middle East two months before leaving the White House, the US Secretary of State made a stop in the Jewish State to witness the first Photograph of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with Bahrain’s Foreign Minister, after both countries have initiated diplomatic relations. In turn, Pompeo was the first secretary of state to visit a illegal Israeli settlement and the occupied Golan Heights, thus breaking with all policies prior to the arrival of Trump to the White House. According to the Israeli prime minister, his “unbreakable friendship“with Pompeo it has valid para isolate Iran in this new common Arab-Israeli front that condemns the Palestinians forgotten.

“Today I will have opportunity to visit the Golan Heights “, Mike Pompeo boasted in a press conference with Netanyahu, after recalling Trump’s recognition of this plateau as part of Israel last year. As a farewell, the Secretary of State has listed the conquests of his Administration in the last four years. “From the simple fact of recognizing reality, that Jerusalem is the legitimate, appropriate, true, capital of Israel, “he claimed,” until the embassy was moved there; how simple, how correct, how fair “.

From the hand of his faithful ally, Netanyahu bragged about Pompeo’s presence in another historic journey in Israel with the first official visit by a Bahraini official: the foreign minister, Rashid Al-Zayani. “I had many contacts over the years but frankly, this day would not have happened, these Abrahamic Accords would not have been signed, without the support for and the crucial leadership of President Trump, “Netanyahu has argued. just three months, Israel has signed the so-called Abrahamic agreements, normalization pacts with the Arab states of United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan.

Pompey wine

How to close this idyll With the Hebrew state, Pompeo has become the first secretary of state to visit an Israeli settlement. Until now, any American official had avoided setting foot in these colonies illegal according to international law. A year ago, he was the one who announced that the US no longer viewed the settlements as “incompatible with international law. “To celebrate, the winery Psagot, in the homonymous colony on occupied Palestinian land, created a came with his name. Today Pompeo has toasted with the red Pompeo.

Along the same lines, the Secretary of State has announced his visit to the Golan Heights. This strategic border plateau with Syria was occupied in 1967 by Israel and annexed without the recognition of the international community. “Pompeo’s visit to the occupied lands is a active participation in the occupation“said Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. While witnessing the wine revelry on their lands, the Palestinian community is counting the days until the arrival of Joe Biden to power, from whom they expect a tougher line on the Israeli settlements.

Isolation of Iran

“The Abrahamic Accords tell evil actors like the Islamic Republic of Iran that its influence in the region is waning and that they are increasingly isolated in this and will be so forever until they change direction, “Pompeo said. But it seems that there are only months left of this harsh rhetoric against the Ayatollah regime as Biden has shown his intention to retake the nuclear pact with Tehran. From Israel, they mourn the loss of a ally like Trump who has turned a blind eye to Netanyahu’s colonial expansion and awarded him the Deal of the Century with the Palestinians.

During the trilateral meeting, the Foreign Minister of Bahrain has insisted on the need to resume the dialogue with the Palestinians, negotiations on hold since 2014. Israel and Bahrain have agreed to open embassies in their respective countries and the start of direct flights. Also starting next month, citizens of the Gulf country can begin to process their visas online to visit the Hebrew State. In the wake of the UAE, Bahrain signed its normalization agreement with Israel in September.

BDS “antisemita”

After announcing new US sanctions on Iran During his visit to Israel, Pompeo has said that he will step up actions against pro-Palestinian efforts to isolate the Hebrew state economically and diplomatically. “We will take immediate action to identify organizations that engage in obnoxious bds behaviors (boycott, divestment and sanctions) and we will withdraw our support, “he said, accusing this campaign of”antisemitic” Y “Cancer“.

“Instead of fighting the racism systemic and far-right extremism in the United States, the Trump Administration is undermining the common struggle against the scourge of anti-Semitism by equating it with peaceful defense of boycotts“, has criticized Eric Goldstein, from Human Rights Watch. Hours before Pompeo’s arrival in the country, the Israeli Army has reported his attacks to Iranian and Syrian military targets after deactivating explosive devices near the dividing line in the Golan Heights.



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