Polls 2020 US elections: This is how the polls are

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When there is less than a month to elections of the November 3 in United States, he Former Vice President Joe Biden Leads al presidente Donald Trump by 9 percentage points in the intention to vote at the national level, according to the average of different polls carried out by the US political news website Real Clear Politics.

The sources used to make the media, individually, they confirm the advantage of the former vice president with oscillations between 8 percentage points -the New York Times survey, for example- and 16 -the one carried out by CNN-.

In recent months, Biden, 77, has easily surpassed Trump, of 74, in the average intention to vote. The controversial management that the president is carrying out of his contagion of the covid-19 virus, far from benefiting him, maintains the distances in favor of his opponent.

In the previous elections, in 2016, the polls were much tighter and the opponents, the Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillay Clinton they were barely separated by a couple of dots shortly before Election Day.



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