Donald Trump would get an average of only 17% of the vote in Europe, while his Democratic opponent would win about 45%, according to a poll conducted in September by the Bertelsmann Stiftung on a sample of 13,808 respondents from all European countries.

At the same time, according to the voting intentions expressed by EU voters, 38% would not choose any of the American candidates.

On the other hand, the results broken down by country showed some variations, the most significant in Poland, the only country in which Trump would have preferred Biden, with 38% compared to 30% of people willing to vote for the Democratic candidate.

Isabell Hoffmann, the study’s co-ordinator, said that these strong voting intentions in favor of Trump are explained by the fact that Poland wants close relations with the United States for historical reasons, with about 77% of Poles believing that American democracy is functional.

By contrast, 51% of respondents in Europe believe that democracy in the United States has suffered.

“Four years of Trump’s rule have left their mark on the opinions of European citizens. They recognize the importance of transatlantic relations, but are quite firm in their assessments of what keeps them afloat, “said the researcher.