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Durex condom manufacturer was fined more than a hundred thousand euros yuan in China. The British company pulled out the match with ads on Chinese social media, most notably Weibon. The Shanghai City Market Authority made its decision in July, but the local press has only just received the news. The punishment was justified by the local government on the grounds that

Yet the Chinese loved Durex’s witty, provocative ads that were about 1.2 billion times they looked on the net. It has not even become popular with the decision of the Shanghai government, the social sites are showered with outraged comments:

Incidentally, the majority of users agree that it is not Durex’s marketing strategy that has become more offensive, but the political environment in China has changed. Some pointed out that the authorities had taken over the manufacturer because of the easing of the one-man policy and the two-child policy that replaced it. Critics say the government would also be fighting the aging of society with this: the one-size-fits-all policy in place between 1979 and 2015 allowed only one child to be born in most families. The Chinese could have planned a larger family, but in this case they lost subsidies or were required to pay taxes by the state. The family with several children thus became a status symbol that only the better ways could afford. Already in 2013, the Beijing central government opened up to more lenient regulations to support families with two children, resulting in deregulation in most provinces.

There are economic reasons for this, above all. The so-called “4-2-1 family model” denoting four grandparents, two parents, and one child has become a common phenomenon in China. As three generations live in a household, the burden on active earners is increasing.

In addition, the one-child policy has accelerated the aging of society, posing an even greater threat to future generations. As life expectancy at birth also increases,

Articles on the punishment of Durex also call for attentionthat Chinese youth associate a sense of sexual freedom with a condom company. The witty words from the British company have undoubtedly made the brand popular, suggesting that Durex has 3.2 million followers on Weibon. Although this is not necessarily a huge number, assuming that there are nearly one billion Chinese Internet users in China. However, the article points out that competing Japanese condom manufacturer Okamoto is only liked by 170,000.

However, it would be an exaggeration to claim that the British company with your ads it started a kind of sexual revolution in China. This is because young people in Asian countries are only moderately buyers of content on the shield. Durex has also created a joint advertisement with the HeyTea tea brand: graphics showing a condom and a soft drink on a poster “Every drop counts” they communicated with a slogan that buyers considered distasteful. HeyTea apologized to its consumers in a statement last spring over the advertisement.

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